Meet Your 40 Under 40 Winner - Murat Uralkan, Director of Innovation, Houston Methodist

Sept. 14, 2023

Congratulations to 40 Under 40 Winner: Murat Uralkan, Director of Innovation, Houston Methodist

Get To Know Murat:

Age (as of December 31, 2023): 34

Hometown:  Ordu, Turkey

Alma Matter:  Bogazici University, BA – Cornell University, MHA

Number of Years of Experience in Healthcare: 10 years

Someone You Look Up to in the Industry: My father, Kenan Uralkan, who is a surgeon in Turkey, had the greatest influence on my decision to go into healthcare with his commitment to helping others and his strive for quality and innovation.

Favorite Hobby: cooking for my loved ones. 

Your Favorite thing about healthcare: Solving problems that impact people’s lives. 

Why is this candidate a good fit for 40 under 40? 

Murat Uralkan is the Director of Innovation for the Houston Methodist Center for Innovation.  It is unusual to find a Houston Methodist employee who does not know Murat – he is extremely respectful and professional while also being entirely personable and friendly.  He lives and breathes the Houston Methodist mission to provide unparalleled safety, quality, service, and innovation.    Innovation at Houston Methodist has an unusual structure; there exists a small team of full-time project managers but everyone else holds dual roles in both operations and innovation.  The internal group dedicated to innovation is made up of executive and senior leadership representing the entire organization called DIOP (Digital Innovation Obsessed People).  Murat is one of the few full-time innovation employees who is responsible for managing his team but also overseeing all innovation activities which fall under the DIOP umbrella.  At only 33 years old, Murat has become the face of innovation at Houston Methodist and his hard work has earned him the respect and trust of all executive and senior leaders across the health system.  In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities running the Center for Innovation, Murat has been tasked with planning the launch of Houston Methodist’s newest hospital in Cypress set to open in 2025 and deemed the smart hospital of the future.  Murat’s ability to multi-task and accomplish all that is put on his plate is a major feat and he is absolutely deserving of this 40 under 40 award.

Explain this candidate’s professional accomplishments:

Murat has worked at Houston Methodist’s Center for Innovation (CFI) since its initial inception in 2018, first as an Administrative Fellow, then as Program Manager, and finally promoted to lead the CFI as Director.  Over the past 5 years, Murat has worked closely with executive leadership on various strategic initiatives to develop and grow the center. He is responsible for establishing CFI programs, focusing on digital technologies and technology enablement, and fostering a culture of innovation within the hospital system. Murat has also worked as a consultant with Houston Methodist Global and has diverse international project experience, having completed strategy, business development and operational commissioning projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Murat holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration degree from Cornell University, which have served him well in his professional accomplishments and career endeavors.

How does the candidate show commitment to the industry and bettering their professional career?

Murat has spent the majority of his career at Houston Methodist, initially at their Dubai global campus as a Project Manager and was then accepted into the prestigious and rigorous Administrative Fellows program.  Murat has shown an unwavering commitment to Houston Methodist throughout the past 9 years that he has worked there and has been recognized with multiple promotions throughout his tenure.    Not only does Murat focus on leading his team through successful projects, but he is also hyper focused on generating strong return on investments.  Every project that Center for Innovation takes on will have a clear business plan and objectives that Murat diligently pursues with his team. Murat manages the entire CFI portfolio and ensures that projects maintain a one-year “succeed fast, fail fast” approach.  Additionally, Murat has the unique ability to see the big picture on a project yet also recognize the importance of every little detail.  Murat has already brought in numerous successful partnerships to Houston Methodist and will continue to do so as he progresses forward in his career leading healthcare innovation.

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