Patient Empowerment and Healthcare Interoperability

May 2, 2020
What do you need to know as your organization works to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act? Dive into this guide to find out.

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of health IT can be a struggle. To help you stay updated, Formstack has created this guide outlining how to promote patient data access, avoid information blocking, and implement interoperable practices across your organization.

Once you’re done reading, you’ll have a greater understanding of the history of healthcare interoperability, its benefits, and how Formstack can help you achieve it.

In this guide, you'll find:

  • A history of healthcare interoperability legislation
  • An overview of the barriers to nationwide interoperability
  • A Formstack user story example
  • Tips to support patient empowerment and interoperability in your organization
  • And more!

If you're ready to bring health IT interoperability into your organization, get this guide now!

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