We’re Gratified! What Our Most Recent Award Means to Us at HCI (Hint: It’s Really All About You)

April 30, 2014
Receiving recognition two years in a row for our work at Healthcare Informatics covering the issues most important to you, our readers, reflects back on our passion to serve you, as you work to build the new healthcare

One year ago tomorrow (May 1, 2013), we, the editors of Healthcare Informatics, were deeply gratified to learn that we had won a prestigious award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE). That day, we found out  that we had received a Gold Award in the category “Best Online News Coverage,” for the HCI team’s coverage of the release of the Final Rule for Stage 2 of the meaningful use process under the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act.

Well, it’s happened again. Today (April 30, 2014), we at Healthcare Informatics learned that we had received a Bronze Award, in the category “Best Special Report/Section,” for the March 2013 cover story package, our annual “Top Ten Tech Trends.” (Here is the link to the introduction to the series, which went online on Feb. 17, with the ten individual Trends articles following in subsequent days.)

Of course, as someone who has both won a number of journalism awards in the past, and has also participated as a judge in a number of awards programs, I always make certain to keep in context the reality that the selection of winners of awards inevitably involves a certain amount of subjective judgment, no matter how well any awards program is architected and executed.

Still, it’s deeply gratifying to have our work recognized in any forum, and, speaking for our team (John DeGaspari, Gabriel Perna, Rajiv Leventhal, David Raths, and myself), I can say that it is especially so for the recognition of our Top Ten Tech Trends cover story package, one of our signature editorial packages every year, and one that represents exactly what we are trying to do at HCI—to provide our readers with a strategic overview of the policy, industry, and IT developments that are shaping their world right now, as we move towards the new healthcare.

If anything, receiving recognition in the publishing and healthcare industries for our work only stimulates us further to give everything we can to serve you, our readers, as you strive to improve the patient safety, care quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, patient and community engagement, accountability, and transparency of the healthcare system. We are absolutely passionate about playing our small part in helping you create the new healthcare.

In that spirit, we thank the judges who participated in the ASHPE awards process this year, and we thank you, our readers, for continuing to support us as we continue to serve you. Thank you, and on to the next challenges and opportunities!

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