e4, Konica Minolta Named 2020 Innovator Award Recipients

Feb. 27, 2020
Winners were chosen among an array of submissions from health IT solution companies

In addition to highlighting the wonderful innovation taking place across the provider community, throughout the year Healthcare Innovation has also collected submissions from leading technology solution companies for the Innovators’ Showcase Program. Several of these vendor story submissions earned exclusive recognition in both the September/October 2019 and January/February 2020 printed magazine issues and digital editions.

What’s more, each story submitted over the past several months has qualified for the annual Innovator Awards program in the vendor division. Now, without further ado, our editorial staff is delighted to publicize the two health IT solution company winners of the 2020 Innovator Awards Program, with brief descriptions of their transformative work:

e4 Revenue Cycle Edit Work Queue Optimization

Healthcare solutions company e4 has assisted eight clients with their electronic health record (EHR) and patient accounting systems (PAS) system conversions. During the conversion and post go-live timeframe, there is inevitably a large number of “edits” that must be worked by an individual to move an encounter to the billing state of the revenue cycle process.

As such, e4 has developed an edit resolution workflow that is not only aimed at resolving the edits, but also at training and educating the client’s staff, allowing end-users to be self-proficient within 30 to 60 days from the process implementation.

e4 used LEAN Engineering pillars: people, process and technology in creating this Revenue Cycle Edit Work Queue Optimization. In less than 30 days, e4 and one end-user client were able to bring the number of encounters in the insurance verification work queue down from 6,617 to 427, which is less than two days of encounters. This is a 94 percent reduction from the starting point. e4 Revenue Cycle also utilized the home-grown productivity tool, e4sight, which captures data that enables e4 to offer custom staff augmentation/support services related to revenue cycle operations. According to company leaders, “Our goal is to provide clients with support services during critical times and get them back to a stable-state before ending our engagement.”

Konica Minolta’s All Covered Interoperability and Integration Service

For those that have made substantial data analytics investments to date, the majority have centered on disease management. Increasingly though, to remain competitive in the landscape, the value of implementing analytics capabilities across the organization is being recognized and quickly becoming a necessity.

At All Covered, Konica Minolta’s IT Services Division, the Health IT Practice is spearheading the positive disruption of healthcare technologies to realize smart, intelligent healthcare powered by IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence. By effectively unifying clinical data from all sources, including claims data, patient-reported data (from wearables and remote monitoring devices) and genetics data, the All Covered platform can help revolutionize how organizations manage patient care and ultimately drive the ability to lower the cost of healthcare.

All Covered’s healthcare data model and warehouse were designed from the ground up to store real-time discrete clinical data. The additional real-time clinical values allow for dramatic improvements in the provider’s ability to assess risk acuity, allowing for care managers to focus on the right patients at the right time. What’s more, adding artificial intelligence and machine learning allows for earlier clinical intervention and introduction to payers, health systems, physician groups and community health programs to dramatically reduce future costs and generate additional revenue while improving quality of care for the patient. According to company officials, “We strongly believe that open and collaborative innovation will brighten our future–evolving naturally into our lives and our workplaces.”

Healthcare Innovation also would like to give special thanks to all the health IT vendors that did submit to this year’s program, but were not named winners. These case studies presented throughout the year represent narratives that will be useful to our readers across the country and beyond. All of the below stories are on the publication’s website. They include:

  • Addressing One Hospital’s Staffing Challenges With Hospital IQ’s Workforce Solution
  • Orion Health: Forming the Foundation of KeyHIE
  • Flywire Develops a Responsive Payment Solution
  • LeanTaaS’ iQueue for Operating Rooms
  • Achieving System-Wide Success With Imprivata Identity Governance
  • DSS’ Juno EHRevolution
  • Ciox HealthSource Stream
  • H-ISAC: InfoSec Professionals Save Time and Money by Sharing Intelligence
  • LexisNexis: Using Social Determinants of Health to Predict Readmissions
  • Imprivata: The Unique Considerations for IAM in Healthcare 

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