Denver Clinically Integrated Network Partners With Lumeris

Jan. 26, 2024
"By combining our clinical expertise with Lumeris' best-in-class, technology-driven solutions, we are better positioned to thrive in a value-based care environment,” said Todd Welter, CEO of iPN

Integrated Physician Network (iPN), a clinically integrated network serving the Denver area, is partnering with value-based care enablement company Lumeris.

St. Louis-based Lumeris serves as an operating partner for health systems, including in the ACO REACH program, by providing end-to-end services and technology to help them be successful in managing downside risk.

The iPN organization has more than 250 providers across 40 practice sites. Physician members include seven primary care practices, and several other specialties including orthopedics, cardiology, pulmonology, Surgery, neurosurgery, obstetrics/gynecology, and anesthesia. These independent practices are clinically integrated through population-based quality initiatives, benchmarking and sharing of best practices.

The network formed in 2004 when a group of independent physicians in the North Denver/Boulder area began implementation of a common EHR.  The iPN worked to embed key "evidence-based" care protocols in the EHR to provide real-time decision support at the point of care. Participating physicians have secure, web-based access to patient data, including demographics, referrals, medications, allergies, problem lists, procedures, alerts, laboratory and radiology reports.

The partners said that as the transition to value-based care gains momentum in Colorado, this collaboration will accelerate iPN's ability to deliver high-value, consumer-centric healthcare to Denver-area communities. The partnership will give iPN access to Lumeris' strategies and tools, designed to enable success in value-based care outcomes.  
"Our partnership with Lumeris marks an important step forward in our mission to improve the health of our community," said Todd Welter, CEO of iPN, in a statement. "By combining our clinical expertise with Lumeris' best-in-class, technology-driven solutions, we are better positioned to thrive in a value-based care environment and drive positive health outcomes for our patients." 
"Our work with leading health systems and physician groups across the country has provided us with a deep understanding of the ongoing challenges facing our healthcare ecosystem,” said Jean-Claude Saghbini, president of Lumeris Value-Based Care Enablement, in a statement. “We are pleased to bring our deep capabilities to iPN and help them advance their efforts in delivering exceptional care.”

In an interview with Healthcare Innovation last July, Saghbini described two platforms in Lumeris’ technology stack: “We have a population health intelligence platform. The path there is how do we get better at more comprehensive data ingestion, and then extraction of more actionable insights from a variety of data sources? It goes from claims to EHR to social determinants of health data, and pharmacy, and lab data. The work there is around more data, better algorithms, and better AI models to extract insights,” he said. “The second platform is called Lumeris Engage, a care orchestration platform. It's taking all of our knowledge we've acquired over more than a decade to automate that knowledge and orchestrate care, whether it's to patients, whether it's to physicians, to others in the provider setting. So that one is building further capabilities in terms of outreach, interactive experiences with patients, with providers, to drive them to what we call the next best action.”


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