Four Technology Styles — Which one are you?

April 11, 2013
Understanding the level of technology of each user or customer will help you get your point across.

Understanding the level of technology of each user or customer will help you get your point across. Everyone has their own technology awareness, style and use. How they handle e-mails, messages and tasks. Maybe even when to show up to business meetings based on how they use technology and manage their time.

Here are a few types that I have seen over the years:

The BlackBerry type – Get the message, read it, act on it, and move on. They feel that if they do not take care of it right at that moment, they will not have time later. They are either late or just in time to meetings because they got held up taking care of something that they did not want to put off. They are multi-tasking at meetings and may have to leave to attend another meeting that they absolutely had to be in as well. Accepts technology as a tool, but may be in information overload.

The Beeper type – Get the message, read it, frown, and put the beeper away. Eventually return a call or read an e-mail. Is often on time to meetings and does not overbook because they prefer to single thread. Massive amount of work occurs at the end of the week, because the beeper is put away on weekends. Monday, the cycle starts all over again. Likes technology, but has clear lines were they prefer manual processes.

The MAC type – Get the message, categorize by author and topic, sets up a rule to handle this type of message the next time, and often responds to the request with more questions. They are eager to attend meetings because they bring a technology solution to all scenarios. Although the solution may be outside the scope, involve beta products and side tracks the direction of the meeting. They do not think outside the box, they are outside the warehouse. Technology is their friend, in fact maybe even their family. Can help drive innovation, but keep them focused on the road.

The Rotary dial type – Types on the keyboard with two fingers. Gets their e-mail message and if they respond, will often respond with all lower case letters. Their PC is only used for e-mail. Often responds to messages by phone and prefers verbal lengthy discussions. Is early to meetings because that is when they obtain most of their information. Always asks for documents that have already been e-mailed to them, since they have not quite mastered the art of downloading attachments. Technology is cumbersome to them. They never “got it” so why start now? Watch for the eyes glazing over and take another approach to whatever it is your trying to get across.

You may have pictured someone you know next to each type. Which ones have you seen? What others did I miss?

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