California Physician Network Partners on Virtual-First Diabetes Program

April 11, 2023
Meritage Medical Network, Assure Health say virtual-first program provides much-needed specialist care to communities who might otherwise lack access

Meritage Medical Network, a California-based network of 2,100 physicians, is working with startup company Assure Health to launch a virtual-first comprehensive diabetes management program.

The companies said that amid an ongoing national shortage of endocrinologists, this virtual-first program provides much-needed specialist care to communities who might otherwise lack access.

The comprehensive diabetes management program leverages Assure Health’s infrastructure of 50-state licensed clinicians and connected health devices to keep patients healthy between office visits. In addition to virtual care and remote monitoring, the program also includes end-to-end chronic condition management, including ordering lab tests and durable medical equipment (DME), as well as prescribing and titrating medication.

The program is designed to partner with and support Meritage’s network of providers in California’s Central Valley, expanding their ability to reach and treat additional patients, particularly those who experience social determinants of health-related barriers to care, like living in a rural community, immigration status, and being employed as a migrant worker.

The virtual care and remote patient monitoring program is overseen by Jaye Noel, M.D., Assure Health’s chief endocrinologist. He was previously the director of endocrinology for Johns Hopkins Medicine at Sibley Memorial Hospital and former chief of endocrinology for Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic.

“At Meritage, we are always looking for cutting-edge ways to meet our patients’ needs and keep them healthy,” said Dorsa Barzin, M.S.N., vice president of clinical operations for Meritage, in a statement. “Assure Health’s comprehensive diabetes management program represents the future of chronic care and will increase accessibility to treatment to our patients across Fresno County.”

Founded in 2020, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Assure Health offers virtual care and remote monitoring programs that connect patients to dedicated care managers and digital health devices to manage their chronic conditions between doctors’ office visits. Assure Health’s physician-supervised care managers review device readings, collaborate with patients to establish plans to improve their health, and coordinate with patient’s existing treating providers to deliver the best possible care.

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