Innovator Awards Vendor Co-Winner: Accumen

March 14, 2023
+ + Sponsored Content + + Co-Winner, Vendor Division, Innovator Awards: Accumen: Leveraging technology to revolutionize anemia management
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Accumen
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Accumen
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Accumen
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Accumen
2023 Innovator Winner Story Images Accumen

At least one third of patients in your hospital or health system have this common and modifiable condition that negatively affects their quality of life and work productivity. Can you guess what it is? The answer may surprise you; it is anemia. Despite how common it is, it is not normal. And, unfortunately, too many patients with undiagnosed anemia undergo elective surgery, and wind-up receiving blood transfusions. These transfusions are not only preventable, but they are also increasing patients’ chances of morbidity and mortality, contributing to higher healthcare costs, increasing length of stay, and resulting in future hospital readmissions that are non-reimbursable. So, how do we bridge the gap between screening for anemia and ensuring all patients receive the care they deserve? That is where MyBloodHealth® comes in. This patented system-wide anemia management platform helps hospitals and health systems, like yours, manage anemia in a simple, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Hospitals no longer need to rely on manual processes and multiple data sources to meet the needs of their patients. Even with the current workforce shortage, your staff can do more with less and not worry about sacrificing patient care. Plus, MyBloodHealth integrates with any EHR, eliminating the need for manual processes. Additionally, MyBloodHealth systemizes patient workflows, triages patients for you and creates custom care plans, enabling your health system to manage up to 50 anemic patients per day with virtually the same resources. Even a highly efficient clinician can only manage about eight anemic patients per day due to the manual process that includes multiple checkpoints, handoffs, data risks, and headaches.

Recently, a three-hospital health system in the Midwest, with 3,300 providers and 34,000 employees across 70 locations, transfused 17% of its patients, using 2.2 red cell units per patient. After launching MyBloodHealth, this health system avoided 833 transfusion exposures over an 18-month period, reducing their usage to 1.4 red cell units per patient and transfused only 1.6% of anemic patients. Similarly, another large health system with 18-hospitals serving the Philadelphia, PA region, Jefferson Health, implemented MyBloodHealth and anticipated saving $2.6M over three years in blood acquisition costs, and creating $8.3M in additional revenue and savings. After one year of implementation, they have avoided 269 potential complications, reallocated 15,000 nursing hours, and already improved their margin by +$5.8M.

More than 80 plus clients have benefited from infusion revenue, lower blood acquisition costs, and shorter hospital stays. Isn’t it time you set your anemia management program in the right direction? MyBloodHealth is powered by Accumen. Accumen helps hospitals and health systems respond to complex challenges and even thrive in today’s unpredictable and ever-changing environment. With a focus on lab operations, clinical transformation, and 3D imaging post-processing, Accumen leverages technology enabled consulting services to solve complex hospital and health system issues. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in Louisville, KY, and Blue Bell, PA, Accumen accelerates results for more than 1,000 US hospitals and health systems by providing expert resources, extensive operational and clinical data, as well as analytic technology.

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