Mobile Communications: Products – May/Jun 2018

April 25, 2018

LiveProcess streamlines emergency preparedness for Ozarks Medical Center

LiveProcess implemented its emergency management platform for communication, collaboration, and coordination at Missouri-based Ozarks Medical Center. LiveProcess Emergency Manager enables faster communication and response times across Ozarks Medical Center’s hospital, clinics, and home healthcare providers, which serve an eight-county area across south central Missouri and north central Arkansas.

LiveProcess is an emergency management and communication systems company for healthcare organizations. Cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions help ensure continuity of care before, during, and after emergency events, whether within a facility or across a widespread network. Through an intuitive and customizable contact management database, LiveProcess enables broadcast notifications to an entire organization, messaging to individuals, and alerts to readily built dedicated groups that simplify and accelerate communications and coordination.

“Ozarks Medical Center provides care for an area that is very large, geographically, but is not highly populated. That presents challenges for emergency management,” said Josh Reeves, the director of facilities and planning for Ozarks Medical Center. “LiveProcess will allow us to reach each of our 1,200 employees within minutes during an emergency event. Even when an adverse weather event will not affect our main hospital facility, we can easily push out notifications to staff at a clinic 55 miles away, then maintain real-time situational awareness through incident command.” An interactive event log keeps current information visible and supports collaboration among facilities and with local and regional emergency management agencies.

LiveProcess also gives Ozarks Medical Center the capability to rapidly produce after-action reports, a form of post-event documentation required by the Joint Commission and by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) in their emergency preparedness rule. “After all the labor and resources spent during an emergency event, piecing together an after-action report can be cumbersome and time consuming. LiveProcess gives us the ability to sit down and review the effectiveness of our emergency management response as soon as the next day, rather than waiting for weeks or more,” said Richard Leita, the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at Ozarks Medical Center.

The solution supports a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) preference for those employees who choose it, so communications can reach on-premises personnel, traveling home health nurses, and off-duty staff or leadership via text, email, or phone call as appropriate. The capacity for multi-modal communication ensures that the right people are reached right away, while the structured response and message tracking capabilities empowers caregivers, support and operations staff to communicate and coordinate across departments and healthcare settings.

Implementation at Ozarks Medical Center was completed ahead of schedule, but LiveProcess support is ongoing. In addition to an around-the-clock U.S.-based support team, LiveProcess regularly accommodates client ideas and suggested enhancements. LiveProcess

Stratus Video Interpreting, video remote interpretation

Language access company Stratus Video has updated its video remote interpretation (VRI) platform with new features and functionality impacting the key areas of video quality, user interface, security and compliance.

Stratus Video Interpreting combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation. The mobile app can be loaded onto any tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop, giving users instant access to medically qualified interpreters at a push of a button. On the back-end, the technology incorporates automation and intelligent routing, enabling integration into existing processes and workflows.

Visual connections. Vital conversations.

Stratus’ network was purposely built for video. Video calls require minimal bandwidth and can be placed over 4G and in areas with poor WiFi. The Stratus Video stand can be raised and lowered, and features an articulating arm and tilting face. With the right-to-use iPad program, there are various options and opportunities for receiving equipment. To access a Stratus Video interpreter, simply wake up the iPad and select the language needed. On average, connection takes place in 30 seconds.

With the updated software, all users will now benefit from the Stratus Video Interpreting app’s higher resolution. Improved picture quality allows both interpreters and patients to more clearly see each other’s nonverbal cues during interpretation sessions. Beyond resolution, the platform’s user interface now features a larger font for easier visibility, and language buttons in both English and native language alphabets to let patients quickly find and identify their languages. The software’s language search functionality has also been streamlined. Updates to security and compliance functionality include built-in end-to-end encryption, which eliminates the need for a VPN. A new post-session quality survey is a quick way to provide hospitals with quality management information on a call-by-call basis, and aids in the collection of regulatory compliance data. Additional reporting capabilities are also available to users. Stratus Video

MC40-HC Mobile Computer

Improve patient safety, the patient experience, and healthcare staff productivity with the fully-featured pocket-sized MC40-HC.

Healthcare staff will feel comfortable with the all-touch MC40-HC. With the familiar Android operating system, healthcare staff already know how to interact with the device, virtually eliminating training. It is just a little bigger than a smartphone, but still easily fits in a pocket, where it is always handy. But the similarities to consumer-style devices end there.

Mobility Extensions (Mx) make Android a more robust enterprise-class operating system—critical in the healthcare environment. And with enterprise-class data capture, nurses and hospital staff can count on easy-first-time, every-time scanning of any barcode, ensuring
accuracy in medication administration and specimen collection—where errors can have extreme consequences.

The MC40 enables clinicians to optimize patient care and boost hospital staff efficiency.

A 4.3-inch, touch-only display provides the screen real-estate to support information-intensive apps, such as electronic health records and real-time feeds of patient vital signs.

It also features a voice connection to nearly any other mobile device in the hospital. Zebra’s complimentary Workforce Connect PTT Express client is pre-installed, giving healthcare workers an instant connection to physicians, nurses, patient transport and other workers carrying PTT Express-enabled Zebra mobile computers, two-way radios, and third-party popular smartphones. Workforce Connect Voice can also turn any MC40-HC into a mobile deskphone with PBX functionality. Zebra Technologies

MedicalMine announces ChARM Mobile.Publish It! solution for independent healthcare practices

The ChARM Mobile.Publish It! solution is a cloud-based solution that meets the needs of busy independent practitioners who would like to publish their own mobile native app to major app stores for their patients.

With a few clicks, the practice can customize and brand their app using an online interface, and publish their own app to the app stores. Several other features, such as scheduler, calendar, messaging, bill payment, etc. can be chosen for inclusion in the app, to synchronize with ChARM EHR and PM, the Electronic Health Records and Practice Management components of ChARM Health. Patients can be directed to search for and download their practice-branded apps through Apple’s Appstore and Google Play.

“Our practitioners have always had a great appetite for cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price that helps them enhance patient outcomes and practice revenues. In this mobile age, it is important for our practices to have access to a native mobile presence that helps them market to patients, stay engaged with them, and communicate through their own app. In addition, the practice-branded app gives them the tools to publish their breakthrough announcements, directions and events to their patients’ fingertips, “ said Pramila Srinivasan, CEO, MedicalMine.

ChARM Mobile-Publish It! is priced at a one-time price, with an annual maintenance fee and free upgrades. MedicalMine

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