Quest Diagnostics: Empowering Better Health Through Diagnostic Insights

May 21, 2014
Listen as Dr. Harvey Kaufman, Senior Medical Director at Quest Diagnostics, discusses how initiatives to drive better patient outcomes are now the key focus points for executives across the healthcare landscape and how Quest Diagnostics' insights have empowered better health for a better future.
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The landscape of science, health, and medicine is changing.  In the wake of Healthcare Reform, there is now an ongoing transition from a volume based care system to a value based care system, which is causing a fundamental shift in the ways healthcare providers deliver care. 

Click the video above to hear Dr. Harvey Kaufman, Senior Medical Director at Quest Diagnostics, discuss how the difficult goal of improving the quality of care while controlling costs, is now the key focus point for healthcare organizations across the country.

Listen to Kaufman as he outlines how the team of 40,000 employees at Quest Diagnostics has dedicated itself to supporting healthcare providers towards this goal through a variety of unique programs to empower better health through diagnostic insights, facilitate the patient - physician interaction, and drive better patient outcomes for a better future.

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