Innovation Between Payers and Providers

June 5, 2023
Sanket Baralay, Chief Innovation Officer at MRO, and Matthew Raynor, Group Publisher at Healthcare Innovation, discuss the ongoing challenges between payers and providers, especially when it comes to reimbursement and compliance.

MRO is accelerating the exchange of clinical data throughout the healthcare ecosystem on behalf of providers, payers and users of clinical data. By utilizing industry-leading solutions and incorporating the latest technology, MRO is helping providers manage and release clinical data. With a 20-year legacy and as a 9-time KLAS winner, MRO brings a technology-driven mindset built upon a customer-first service foundation and a relentless focus on customer excellence. MRO connects over 200 EHRs, 200,000 providers, 35,000 practices, and 900 hospitals while extracting more than 1.3 billion clinical records.

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