The COVID-19 Crisis: A Virtual Program with Industry Experts

June 23, 2020
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10:30am ET    
Virtual Care and COVID-19: A Natural Fit?
In the face of a health crisis, particularly one involving a contagious virus, virtual care is being touted as a way to help triage the sick and keep the worried well out of already-crowded medical facilities. As long as COVID-19 persists, telehealth will continue to be deployed at the front lines of the pandemic. We’ll discuss how government waivers continue to pave a way for more telehealth-based services to be used for COVID-19 response, and the different ways technology companies in this space are working with their provider customers to safely and efficiently deliver care.

1:30pm ET
COVID-19 and Cybersecurity: A Complex Moment in U.S. Healthcare
In March and April of this year, the leaders of patient care organizations were compelled to move forward to move as many staff members—clinical and non-clinical—to remote status, as quickly as human possible, as the COVID-19 pandemic created many infection-related risks for everyone involved. Now, patient care organization leaders are “backfilling” their shift, and focusing on the cybersecurity processes absolutely necessary to secure all types of processes across healthcare organizations. It is a moment of extreme focus around a point of extreme vulnerability for healthcare in this key moment.

3:30pm ET
COVID-19 and Data Analytics: A Real-Time “Burning Platform” Use Case
The entire realm of data analytics had already become extremely important for the leaders of patient care organizations, as the leaders of hospitals, medical groups, and health systems have been leveraging data to help their organizations shift into success under value-based contracts. Now, facing an intense pandemic, they are beginning to leverage data to help them manage care delivery, especially the delivery of intensive care, as well as triaging, long-term care management, and staffing and resource management processes, and revenue cycle management. And in many cases, they are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to do it more effectively. The moment for data analytics has never been more immediate than it is now.

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