The New Landscape of Care Delivery in 2021 and Beyond Resource Center

Jan. 27, 2021
A virtual, digital healthcare delivery series – a monthly program featuring discussions with innovators who are transforming healthcare.
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The Next 24 Months in U.S. Healthcare Delivery

  • Senior healthcare leaders from across the US will discuss the policy, payment, and operational landscape in healthcare today and share with participants how their organizations are meeting the new demands of modern healthcare delivery. Attendees will hear c-suite views of the overall healthcare landscape, insights on how leaders are managing policy requirements, relationships with payers, the financial hurdles faced by all healthcare delivery organizations, and how these leaders see care being delivered digitally in 2021 and beyond.

Telehealth Growth in 2021 and Beyond

  • Patient care organization leaders will share their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic-fueled shift to telehealth-based care delivery, and the major lessons learned so far, as hospitals, medical groups, and health systems continue to evolve the telehealth concept forward. As the crisis continues to unfold, how are HDOs planning for the mix of in person and virtual visits, and what factors are helping them determine where telehealth is most appropriate and most optimally deployed?

The Data Dilemma

  • Join Mark Hagland and Cheryl Rodenfels for an in-depth discussion on how healthcare delivery organizations are utilizing data in their digital health journeys. This conversation will focus on how organizations are making their data actionable. Participants will also hear about how, in the context of the HIMSS Analytics Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity, organizations are learning how to optimize their data use.

Trend Watch - Remote Monitoring and Care Delivery

  • Technological advances and operational imperatives are pushing more and more care and care management into the home environment. How are remote monitoring and hospital-at-home programs evolving forward? There are policy, payment, operational, clinical, and technological aspects to consider. Among the topics to be discussed: how to architect a broad, comprehensive strategy around remote care delivery; the structural impediments and challenges to creating an architecture of remote care delivery; and some of the technological trends that are making new forms of care delivery and care management possible.