Using Data & Analytics to Power Care Delivery

A virtual, digital healthcare delivery series – a monthly program featuring discussions with innovators who are transforming healthcare.
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AI: The Hype, the Reality, the Opportunity

  • Artificial intelligence is leveraged in healthcare for clinical, operational, and financial purposes, along numerous dimensions. Although it has been over-hyped at times, AI has real potential to transform hospital, medical group, and health system operations. This session will focus on the biggest challenges, opportunities, and future of AI, and provide specific use cases that pioneers in AI are using today to improve care.

Payer-Provider Collaboration: It's a Whole New World

  • What had been predicted for decades is finally happening: payer and provider organizations are collaborating in the context of value-based contracts, especially risk-based ones. As incentives become aligned in value-based healthcare, payer and provider executives are navigating a new world, with data-sharing a key focus of the collaboration. What's been working and what hasn't? Participants will discuss what's been learned so far, and what lies ahead.

Personalized Medicine to Population Health: How Data and Analytics Drive Insights Across the Continuum of Care

  • Join Mark Hagland and Ekta Punwani as they discuss how health systems have effectively used data to advance understanding of key patient populations and how much opportunity still exists to proactively address gaps in care for the individual.  They will discuss key trends and how a new breed of intelligent and actionable insights are being applied at the point of need to impact patient lives and help health systems evolve to realize true value-based care.

Meeting Interoperability and Federal Data-Sharing Requirements

  • CMS officials have mandated data-sharing under rule-making processes, requiring both providers and health plans to rework their data systems in order to effectively share data on behalf of, and in some cases, directly with, patients/consumers. What are the biggest challenges right now? Industry leaders will parse the requirements, and look at the policy landscape unfolding this year around this important set of issues, as data-sharing offers the promise of true, industry-wide interoperability.