Patient Engagement in a Digital World

March 24, 2021
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The Leading Edge in Care Management

  • What is the leading edge in care management? Pioneers in U.S. healthcare are turbocharging their data analytics and using data to power their care management work. This panel will discuss the most advanced strategies, and will parse the challenges facing those innovating in this space. Among the key elements: building systems that successfully categorize groups of patients, while using data to target core interventions.

Patient Engagement - Navigating the New Patient Experience and Building the Perfect Digital Front Door

  • In the wake of the worst pandemic in a century, healthcare leaders are finding now more than ever that engaging patients will be the key to retaining them in a healthcare environment in which choice will be a determining factor in market success. This discussion will address how patients are being engaged in their own care management - from a process and technological perspective, how patient engagement will be key to improving the health status of patients with chronic illnesses, and how that will help shape local markets.

Creating a Worry-Free Digital Patient Experience

  • Traditionally, Healthcare organizations relied on basic patient portals and outdated interactive voice response systems to direct patients to services. The COVID-19 Pandemic has decreased the ability for patients to interact with providers in-person and increased the need for modern and effective digital front doors. Join Kishore Ravilla VP and CTO at OhioHealth, Jason Miller, SVP and CIO at Mednax, and Cheryl Rodenfels Healthcare, CTO at Nutanix as they discuss their approaches to Creating a Worry-Free Digital Patient Experience.

SDOH - Using Data to Empower Better Care

  • Many healthcare delivery organizations are just beginning their journey of incorporating social determinants of health into their population health strategies. However, early innovators are already learning important lessons around which determinants to focus on, how to build partnerships and begin incorporating SDOH data into care delivery, and how to successfully merge that data with other important data points, for population health success. This session will feature innovators in SDOH discussing the technology, payment and data challenges they have overcome in their own programs.