The “Easy Button” for Healthcare Engagement

Sept. 14, 2021
Strategies for using AI chat to drive consumer-centric models for accessing the right care and patient services
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36% of the US adult population doesn’t have a preferred healthcare brand and, regardless of affiliation, everyone shops before they buy. It’s more imperative than ever that healthcare organizations create memorable, connected patient experiences that build brand loyalty and long term relationships.

Clearstep’s CEO, Adeel Malik, and DuPage Medical Group’s SVP of Patient Experience and Clinical Innovation, Joel Nelson, present new, practical strategies to leverage AI chat to offer patients a convenient, digital smart care routing and scheduling experience that acts as the front-door to their personal care journey.

They’ll also share a roadmap for medical groups and health systems to consider as they further expand AI chat use-cases to support an integrated, intelligent healthcare experience that keeps patients engaged in their care journey toward improved health outcomes, while enhancing clinical capacities.