Trailblazing Technologies: Looking at the Top Technologies for the Emerging U.S. Healthcare System

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Policy- and payment-driven imperatives will drive operations across hospitals, medical groups, and health systems in the next several years, as the overall cost of the U.S. healthcare system moves towards system unsustainability. Among the key trends will be the shift, wherever possible, of care delivery from the most acute care delivery sites to less acute sites of care, particularly towards and into care into the home, including through hospital-at-home programs; and the shift into intensive population health and care management for the vast majority of patients living with chronic illnesses. In the context of such imperatives, what new and emerging technologies will come to the forefront? 

Below we will hear from Microsoft's Jake O'Leary as we discuss how AI is the latest trailblazing technology that is completely revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry.

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Healthcare is changing rapidly, and organizations are exploring new possibilities with the help of generative AI. The rise of foundation and large language models suggests a future where clinicians, patients and other personas benefit from personalized medicine, clinical decision support, improved patient access, and workforce optimization. In this session, Microsoft’s Jake O’Leary presents how this new type of AI is developing, and some examples of how context-aware, learning AI models are creating solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges.


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