Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence

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Everyone in healthcare is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) these days—yet there remains a great deal of confusion about just what AI is, and what the concerns and opportunities around it, are. What’s clear is that the potential is there for AI to enhance clinical decision support for physicians and nurses, to improve clinician workflow, and to make operational processes around revenue cycle management and other processes, more efficient and effective. But large questions remain around governance, project management, and optimizing ethics. Find out from the experts what’s going on in this critical area in the current healthcare.

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Navigating AI innovation and the pace of change 

Generative AI, a new technology that emerged in recent years, has created a lot of excitement in the healthcare industry for its potential to improve outcomes for various stakeholders, such as clinicians, patients, health systems, and the health and life sciences sector. This technology has also spurred new use cases and innovations that are transforming healthcare. The adoption of AI in healthcare is increasing, as 79% of healthcare organizations say they are using AI technology, based on a study by IDC sponsored by Microsoft. Join Timothy Gray, CPHIMS, Global Health Innovation Leader at Microsoft for a Q&A on navigating the pace of change and innovation.  Click here to watch this session now.

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Transforming Medical Documentation With GenAI Innovation 

Ambient AI solutions have transformed medical documentation, boosting clinicians’ efficiency and freeing their time to focus on patients.

Join Augmedix CEO Manny Krakaris for a fireside chat on how generative AI (GenAI) solutions can reduce the burden of documentation across care settings. This informative session will discuss how Augmedix, an industry leader in ambient AI medical documentation and data solutions, helps healthcare organizations improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Click here to watch this session now.

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AI Leaders Speak Out

In this interview, Brian Patterson, M.D., Physician Administrative Director for AI at the UW Health system in Madison, Wisconsin, shares with Healthcare Innovation Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland his perspectives on what’s being learned as leaders from patient care organizations across the U.S. move forward quickly to adopt and implement AI tools of all kinds. Things are advancing quickly now, and Dr. Patterson highlights key advances being made in this moment. Click here to watch this session now.