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The On-Call Crisis: From Chaos to Clarity - How to achieve more accurate, efficient on-call scheduling and communications

Sept. 28, 2023
Lacking centralized visibility into who’s on call costs organizations in labor, frustration, compliance, and potential risk to safety. On call scheduling doesn’t have to be so hard. Discover why rethinking on call scheduling must be a top priority.

Emergencies don’t take breaks. Every second wasted tracking down the right on call provider can have serious repercussions. When you’re delivering round-the-clock care, accurate data and efficient communications are vital to addressing patient needs.

Lacking centralized visibility into who’s on call, clinicians often end up searching multiple sources or accessing outdated schedules.

With patient demand, provider burnout, and turnover on the rise, this chaotic approach to on-call isn’t sustainable. It's time to rethink your on call strategy. 

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