The Healthcare Online Reputation Management Guide

April 30, 2024

In today's landscape, consumers are increasingly initiating their buying journey online, which means that you no longer have direct control over your initial impression. Furthermore, your first impression is no longer solely influenced by your organization alone; it is now compared side by side with your local competitors. 

According to a recently conducted Reputation survey of consumers, 86% of patients say they read online reviews, and 73% of those consumers demand a minimum star rating of four stars... By encouraging patients to share ratings/reviews, healthcare organizations can glean insights at the brand, location and provider levels, improve online ratings, drive SEO and online visibility and ultimately bolster their overall brand reputation. By encouraging patients to share ratings/reviews publicly, healthcare organizations can improve ratings, visibility on Google along with other online directories and ultimately bolster their overall reputation. But healthcare organizations need to proceed thoughtfully to set themselves up for success. Download our new guide to learn more!

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