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Executive Handbook: Top Priorities in Healthcare 2024

June 24, 2024
Based on data from the Healthcare Innovation audience
What does the immediate future of the U.S. healthcare system look like? There has never been a time of greater challenge—and perhaps also never a time of greater opportunity. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital-based organizations remain financially fragile, with 2023 the first year showing any consistent net-positive revenue margins nationwide—and even then, financial progress for hospital-based organizations has remained highly uneven, with some patient care organizations doing relatively well and others deeply fragile.
In that broad context, what are the top issues facing the leaders of patient care organizations right now? This article looks at several key areas: overall financial issues, with a special look at revenue cycle management concerns; the shift into value-based and risk-based contracting; the plunge into advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence; intensifying cybersecurity concerns; and a growing focus on optimizing the patient experience. All are areas of challenge and opportunity.
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