Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

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Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

CHAI Seeks Feedback on Responsible Health AI Framework

June 26, 2024
Framework includes criteria to evaluate standards across the AI lifecycle — from identifying a use case and developing a product to deployment and monitoring
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Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

Cedars-Sinai Creates Ph.D. Program Focused on Health AI

March 26, 2024
Program is designed to provide doctoral students with the knowledge and practical experience to develop, evaluate and apply AI algorithms and methods for improving patient care...
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Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

How UCSF Health Is Thinking About Scalable, Trustworthy AI

March 22, 2024
Prof. Julia Adler-Milstein describes the work of the AI governance committee at UCSF Health, which serves as a gatekeeper for which models get deployed to its patients
Healthcare Innovation Group

At HIMSS24: Cybersecurity and AI – Embracing New Technology with Security in Mind

March 19, 2024
With new technologies come new risks. Industry experts discuss the pros and cons of AI in healthcare.

HIMSS24: The Year When the Artificial Became Real (or At Least, Realer)

March 19, 2024
The discussions around artificial intelligence at this year’s HIMSS Conference in Orlando were very real, and very reality-based
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Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

CHAI Envisions Federated Network of 30 Assurance Labs

March 18, 2024
CEO Brian S. Anderson, M.D., says CHAI will be publishing report cards in a registry for everyone to see