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Population Health Management

AMIA Charts Course to Learning Health System

Informatics experts propose specific policy recommendations to move from evidence-based medicine to evidence-generating medicine.
Population Health Management

A Managed Care Expert Looks at the Challenges Facing Providers As They Plunge into Risk

As the leaders of hospitals, medical groups, and health systems plunge into value-based contracting, the challenges of strategizing around downside risk are becoming more complex...
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Population Health Management

Manifest MedEx CEO on the Path Forward for HIEs, and Connecting Healthcare in California

Claudia Williams, CEO of California HIE Manifest MedEx and former White House technology senior advisor, discusses the organization’s strategy to provide value to network participants...
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Population Health Management

Managed Care Quality Agency NQCA Expands into Key Areas Around Population Health

Last month, NCQA, which has been measuring and validating health plan quality for nearly three decades, announced the creation of two programs around population health, and pop...
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Population Health Management

Using Data to Drive Transparency and Performance in Asthma Care

It’s now possible to use big data, including population health data, to identify patients most likely to benefit from enhanced asthma care and allergy evaluation.