AHIMA white paper confirms IG trending in healthcare

Feb. 27, 2018

As healthcare organizations come to understand the strategic value of data and information throughout their organization, information governance (IG) is no longer viewed as a “buzzword,” but recognized as a business imperative, according to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) white paper, The Pulse on Information Governance in Healthcare.

This trend in IG and the barriers and benefits behind its success in the industry are the focus of AHIMA’s new white paper, tracking responses from more than 1,500 healthcare professionals, AHIMA’s largest survey response to date, about their familiarity, experience and progress with IG programs. In addition, the document highlights recommendations for starting or staying on track with IG implementation.

In the survey, 85% of respondents agreed IG had become more than a “buzzword,” and they had a sense of familiarity and competency with the concepts. In addition, nearly half of respondents (46.6%) agreed there are several key benefits that a properly implemented IG program can provide, including in vital areas such as informatics, analytics, and business intelligence.

However, despite respondents’ familiarity with these programs and the associated benefits, the white paper notes there is still progress to be made. While 33% of respondents have initiated programs, one in four is not aware if their organization has a program in place.

In addition to these analyses, the white paper includes an expansive list of recommendations for healthcare professionals who are looking to implement an IG program, including the following:

  • Gain executive support: Make a case for IG that can demonstrate how IG can help meet your organization’s goals and address its challenges.
  • Assemble a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders: Group members will be responsible for planning, measuring, reevaluating, and leading the IG charge.
  • Review surveys that elaborate on the benefits of IG: The benefits of data analytics and informatics are important to healthcare professionals. Further emphasizing these points can make a robust IG program a priority.
  • Develop an IG roadmap: Set realistic expectations and goals that will improve your organization’s business and clinical processes. Aim for the highest return on investment.

Findings from the white paper are also featured in the February Journal of AHIMA in the article “New AHIMA Study Measures IG Adoption Rates.”

For additional information on AHIMA’s products related to IG, specifically IGAdvisors, visit www.IGIQ.org.

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