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Learning Health System/Research

Clemson Rural Health Works on Decentralized Access to Clinical Trials

Nov. 8, 2023
Goal is to build access to clinical trials into South Carolina’s rural primary care clinics and mobile health units
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Learning Health System/Research

Flatiron Streamlining EHR Data Transfer to Clinical Trial Software

May 1, 2023
Multi-study collaboration with Sanofi will make it easier for sites to participate in oncology trials by reducing redundant, manual and often error-prone data entry processes,...
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Learning Health System/Research

UCSF Leads Development of Library of Tools for Diagnostic Performance Feedback

April 27, 2023
GoodDX.org created to help health systems identify implementable tools that facilitate providing feedback about diagnostic performance to their clinicians
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UChicago Cancer Center Joins National Comprehensive Cancer Network

April 4, 2023
University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center recognized for work to improve outcomes for underserved populations
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DiMe, Moffitt Cancer Center to Co-Host CancerX Partnership

March 28, 2023
Inaugural project will focus on using digital innovation to reduce disparities and financial toxicity in cancer care and research
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Learning Health System/Research

Study Highlights Michigan’s Effort to Cut Opioid Use After Surgery

March 27, 2023
In less than two years, the statewide effort led to a 56 percent reduction in the amount of opioids patients received after having six different common operations