MEDICA launches 7th annual App Competition for 2018

June 5, 2018

The submission portal for the 7th MEDICA App Competition has just been launched. For the last seven years, MEDICA has searched for the best health app solutions in the world. Developers world-wide can submit their app creations until Sept. 20, 2018, via the web portal hosted by MEDICA, a world leader in medical trade fairs, in Düsseldorf.

The main focus is not solely on the app, but rather on a well-thought-out overall solution for the day-to-day use of patients, doctors and clinics, as organizer Mark Wächter explains. “A drone that delivers medical products and can be controlled via smart phone, for example, is a possible award-winning solution.”

The competition is for applications for smart phones, smart watches, tablets or AR/VR glasses—however, fitness or wellness applications are excluded. Submitted applications should have a connection to professional medical technology—and start-ups that are still in an early stage are more than welcome.

These submissions will be pre-selected by a MEDICA Expert Team. Those 10 developers whose App-based Mobile Solutions match best the submission criteria based on the jury’s point of view, will qualify for the participation at the live pitch at MEDICA.

The final judging will be at a live competition hosted in a session of the MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum on Nov. 14, 2018.

All App-based Mobile Medical Solutions that are nominated for the live event will be notified at the beginning of October 2018. The pitch itself happens live on stage of the Connected Healthcare Forum.

Each team has three minutes to pitch their App-based Mobile Medical Solution. Another two minutes are reserved for the jury to place questions. After all 10 presentations the jury deliberates in the background. Finally, the top three placements and the winner of the competition will be celebrated on site.

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