Displays and Wall Systems: Products – Jul/Aug 2018

June 28, 2018

Casetabs digital surgery boards

Casetabs surgery board

Casetabs solves surgical case coordination and communication errors typical when disparate groups operate in silos. Casetabs is a web-based surgery coordination application that serves as a central hub for coordinating and communicating real-time case information electronically. It enables physician office teams, surgery center teams, anesthesiologists, hospitals, and ancillary teams including medical reps, radiology, and pathology to work together seamlessly.

Every time a change or update is made to a case, the system sends proactive alerts to everyone involved so that everyone is kept current. The system also triggers tasks that case members must systematically accomplish throughout surgery. The time saved by not having to micromanage each case is significant. Furthermore, because every person involved in a case is looking at the same information, the exact content is seen by each person, which leads to fewer errors.

Casetabs is cloud-based, so no hardware or software installation is needed and it’s easily accessible via a digital surgery board, computer, tablet or smart phone (iPhone and Android). Casetabs’ digital surgery board view enables key people to follow the care process from check-in to discharge with decreased distractions from overhead pages and inter-department phone calls. Message boards are used in preop and postop rooms to provide doctors, nurses, and vendor reps with a quick, real-time view of patient status and other relevant case information.

The benefits of Casetabs also extend to the waiting room. Casetabs’ digital surgery boards improve communication with patients and their loved ones. With message boards in place, immediately after a patient checks in, his/her family members can see where they are at every step of the procedure in real-time. If a doctor is running late, they can look at the board and have peace of mind when delays occur.

To maintain HIPAA compliance and patient privacy, case ID numbers are assigned to each patient. Colored alerts let loved ones know when it is time to go back to post-op to see the patient (or text alerts can be sent if they wish to leave for a cup of coffee).

Casetabs significantly streamlines case coordination and greatly improves all case-related communication and collaboration. On average, Casetabs reduces the number of touch points in a surgery from 25 to 5, resulting in hundreds of hours saved for an average center and allowing caretakers to focus on patient care. Casetabs

 PDi unveils healthcare-grade patient televisions with enhanced entertainment features

PDi A-Series

No internet? No problem! Driven by the mission of improving patient experience with entertainment technology, PDi Communication Systems launched a line of healthcare-grade flat panel LED patient HDTV televisions that have integrated smart apps: The PDi A-Series. These TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options for facilities not yet ready to turn on internet access. PDi, focused only on healthcare, is a manufacturer of complete healthcare-grade entertainment solutions from 14” arm-mounted touchscreen systems thru 55” wall TVs. The A-Series by PDi is available in screen sizes 24”, 32”, 42” and 55”.

The A-Series uses simple technology and design to provide more entertainment options to offer patients now, while providing a future-proof choice. Easily connect to additional smart app features or interactive patient systems later. Along with standard TV, the A-Series TVs offer integrated relaxation and gaming apps. Patients can easily navigate a medTV icon-based app menu with a numeric or navigational pillow speaker. These apps require no internet connection for patients to use, making the A-Series a plug-n-play solution, with no additional computer module or internet hookups necessary.

The A-Series TV is equipped with Pro:Idiom so patients can access more TV channels. When a patient wishes to switch up their entertainment from TV programming, they can easily access the simple medTV menu of 8 pre-installed games such as The Greedy Grub, Storm Cat, Witch Runner, Mining, Fishing, and Trivia, or choose from 3 soothing relaxation apps with sounds and imagery. These features allow the patient distractions to engage and have fun or to relax and ease their minds as they heal.

The A-Series is designed to meet healthcare standards. The A-Series is UL-Listed and has standard features like universal pillow speaker recognition, volume limiters, multi-bed codes, closed captioning, cloning capability and more. Also, PDi’s rear-mounted DVD modules and mounting kits are compatible with the PDi A-Series televisions for even more entertainment or patient education options. PDi Communication Systems

Leyard and Planar announce next-generation Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall System

Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall System

The Leyard DirectLight LED Video Wall System, introduced in late 2016, delivered value in the areas of front-mounting, thin profile, precise alignment, front-service access, low-power consumption, hot-swap off-board power, and refined image performance. Leyard DirectLight X builds on this foundation, adding the latest 4K video standards, signal extension, multi-source processing, system monitoring, and modern web-based graphical control software. The result is a complete system that reduces dependence on external processing systems while making the video wall easier to operate and monitor.

Leyard DirectLight X features a new, off-board video controller that offers unrivaled video processing capabilities built into the product. It includes new Leyard WallDirector Software to further simplify video wall installation, monitoring, and management, while maintaining popular DirectLight features such as precision wall mounting, energy efficiency, and fault-tolerant operation.

Leyard DirectLight X comes with the Leyard Video Controller, integrating a remote power supply and advanced video processing directly into the product. Rack-mounted Leyard Video Controllers can scale to support nearly any size video wall, and allow for scaling, windowing, and picture-in-picture to give customers flexibility as to how and where sources are displayed. The Leyard Video Controller includes Planar Big Picture Plus video wall processing, which can scale sources across the entire video wall or across sections of the video wall. It also incorporates Leyard WallSync, providing synchronized video playback and genlock across the video wall.

The Leyard Video Controller supports multiple 4K @ 60Hz inputs and the latest video standards including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDCP 2.2. It provides a built-in video signal extension over CAT6 and optional fiber optic support for longer video runs and greater signal security.

Leyard DirectLight X comes with Leyard WallDirector Software, a powerful, web-based user interface that simplifies video wall set-up, configuration, operation, and monitoring. Leyard WallDirector offers the ability to drag-and-drop sources onto the video wall canvas and easily manipulate their size and position. It also includes presets that can recall video wall windowing layouts, making it quick to configure video wall content.

With Leyard WallDirector, customers can monitor the health status of video wall components from a central, local or remote location—proactively troubleshooting their video wall’s power supplies and video controllers. Leyard WallDirector is browser-based, cross-platform and can be operated on a tablet. Planar

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