Nuance continues global expansion

Aug. 20, 2018

Nuance Communications announced that it is continuing to expand globally to meet growing international demand for its conversational artificial intelligence (AI)-powered clinical documentation solutions. By strengthening its solution portfolio and presence in EMEA, APAC, Canada, and ANZ, Nuance is giving more clinicians around the world the ability to effectively capture patient stories and streamline workflow. Nuance’s expansion comes as many countries outside of the U.S. continue to invest in the digitization of their healthcare systems which includes increasing electronic health record (EHR) adoption rates and achieving paperless clinical documentation objectives. Nuance provides solutions for a scalable workflow catering to those transitioning from paper-based systems, including those without a clinical IT framework.

The majority of Nuance’s cloud-based and on-premise clinical documentation solutions, which are available in more than 20 languages and accents, run on the company’s conversational AI platform. The platform optimizes the experience healthcare providers have with technology, freeing them to focus on high quality patient care, and a better patient experience. The portfolio capabilities include front-end and back-end speech, workflow and mobile dictation delivered via on-premise and hosted offerings. The portfolio also has a broader set of service offerings such as training, project management, integration, and shortly, outsourced transcription.

As hospitals in the U.K. are goaled to have their clinical documentation digital, real-time and interoperable by 2020, Nuance will serve as a partner to help with this digital transformation. This rollout has already begun with Nuance’s cloud-based, AI-powered Dragon Medical One platform. It provides a personalized experience to support clinicians on-the-go and ease the burden of clinical documentation, providing personalized tools designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility across the widest range of devices in the industry.

In the U.K., where Nuance is already serving more than 100 trusts, Dragon Medical One is securely connected into the NHS England national broadband network. Meeting comprehensive data security standards, Nuance uses Microsoft Azure in the U.K. to host its U.K. Cloud Services so that they are highly available and secure 24×7. In the U.K., the solution portfolio has been expanded to include back end speech, workflow solutions, mobile dictation, and outsourced transcription.

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