Machine learning to improve quality of healthcare

Sept. 17, 2018

QuartzClinical introduced its next generation machine learning prediction algorithms that can help hospitals deliver better health and better care for a lower cost. By reducing readmission to the hospital, inpatient mortality, and length of stay associated with many surgical procedures, QuartzClinical’s healthcare data analytics platform offers a solution to the escalating cost of healthcare and increasingly unaffordable health insurance premiums.

Through the use of predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence, and big data, QuartzClinical can use an individual patient’s information to predict the likelihood of adverse outcomes, readmission to the hospital, and even death. Hospitals and physicians are able to use this information to improve clinical care, thus realizing healthcare’s goal of delivering personalized medicine.

Members of QuartzClinical’s team will be presenting these findings at the upcoming Health 2.0 convention in Santa Clara, CA, the International Hospital Federation meeting in Brisbane, Australia, the American College of Surgeons meeting in Boston, MA later this year, and the National Association of Healthcare Quality meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

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