Genomics & Precision Medicine

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Genomics & Precision Medicine

Ohio State to Launch Precision Medicine Initiative With Helix

July 23, 2024
Ohio State Genomic Health plans to enroll 100,000 participants over four years and will screen for variants in genes associated with breast and ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer...
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Genomics & Precision Medicine

Research: Workflow That Includes Digital Platform Increases Genetic Testing Uptake

May 16, 2023
Genetics in Medicine article finds significant increase in eligible patients following through with genetic testing in clinical settings that offered CancerIQ’s platform combined...
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Genomics & Precision Medicine

All of Us Research Program Reports Progress on Diverse Genomic Data

April 21, 2023
Dataset provides researchers information from more than 413,450 participants, including whole genome sequences, data from surveys, electronic health records, physical measurements...
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Genomics & Precision Medicine

Frederick Health Chronicles its Precision Medicine Journey

April 20, 2023
Two senior leaders from Frederick, Md.-based Frederick Health presented a session on April 20 at HIMSS23 detailing the organization’s work with precision medicine and highlighted...
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Genomics & Precision Medicine

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Launches Undiagnosed Diseases Clinic

April 13, 2023
According to an April 11 press release, Miami-based Nicklaus Children’s Hospital announced it has launched a clinic for children with undiagnosed diseases—the clinic will offer...
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Genomics & Precision Medicine

Intermountain Spins Out Precision Medicine Platform Company

March 17, 2023
‘Culmination Bio was built to expand on the success of Intermountain’s precision medicine efforts by creating longitudinal multi-modal data sets,’ says Lincoln Nadauld, M.D., ...