Duke Trustees Approve Clinical Informatics Graduate Program

Dec. 9, 2009

DURHAM, N.C. –- The Duke University Board of Trustees on Friday approved a Master of Management in Clinical Informatics degree to be offered by The Fuqua School of Business in partnership with the Duke Center for Health Informatics.

The one-year degree program draws on the university’s resources in health informatics and management education, and will allow students to develop business knowledge in tandem with advanced health information technology skills. The program will prepare students for IT management careers in such settings as health care, medical research, government and consulting.

“It is expected that these career opportunities will increase as a result of the federal government’s efforts to increase the adoption of health information technology within the health care system,” said Dr. Kevin Schulman, director of Duke’s Health Sector Management program.

The new program will be administered by Health Sector Management and overseen by an advisory board representing Duke University Health System and the Fuqua school.

“There is no question that information technology is critical to improving health care research and delivery around the world,” said Provost Peter Lange, the university’s top academic officer. “This type of interdisciplinary program provides students integrated access to some of Duke’s finest resources across the spectrum of health care, IT and management, with a focus on developing managers who will play a critical role in improving health outcomes via information technology.”

Curriculum requirements include seven management courses and five informatics courses, including a new practicum experience to be completed in a real-world setting at Duke.

“We expect to attract students with experience and interest in a range of health care IT settings,” Schulman said. “By developing management expertise within an information technology setting, graduates will be uniquely qualified to address the IT challenges facing health care providers, payers and regulators in health systems around the globe.” 

The program is expected to enroll students beginning in August 2010, with the first class graduating in May 2011.