Healthcare Information Xchange of New York Selects InterSystems HealthShare

Dec. 16, 2009

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—December 15, 2009—InterSystems Corporation today announced that the Healthcare Information Xchange of New York (HIXNY) has selected the InterSystems HealthShare™ software platform. HealthShare will be used as the core health information exchange software for a series of initiatives designed to connect healthcare organizations throughout 17 counties in northern New York State that are served by the regional health information organization (RHIO).

The global leader in software for connected healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets innovative integration, database, and business intelligence products. HealthShare is used worldwide to enable the fastest creation of electronic health records (EHRs) for regional and national health information exchange systems.  

HIXNY is a not-for-profit RHIO composed of a diverse group of healthcare organizations including hospitals, physician practices, health plans, healthcare associations, government/education and consumer/patient groups. HIXNY’s members include health plans representing over 400,000 members; major regional hospitals with over 3,000 beds; large physician groups representing a total of 500 physicians; healthcare associations representing 56 hospitals and over 30 health plans in New York State; a university/school of public health; and a consumer advocacy group.
In 2008, HIXNY was awarded $4.6M in a grant from the New York State Healthcare Efficiency and Affordability Law for New Yorkers (HEAL NY) program. This was the second HEAL NY grant received by HIXNY.

Interoperability, Standards Adherence Drive HealthShare Choice

HealthShare was selected through a three-month evaluation by a 15-person task force representing nine of HIXNY’s member organizations. The team went through a formal RFP process involving a broad array of criteria that were weighted based on their importance to HIXNY.

HealthShare is flexible, open and standards-based—all capabilities that contributed to its selection by HIXNY. “In a world of uncertainty with respect to health information exchange and RHIOs, HIXNY wanted a platform that would help us adapt to what is coming down the road and to do so in a standards-based way,” said Dominick A. Bizzarro, CEO of HIXNY.

“As a company, InterSystems has an outstanding track record,” Bizzarro noted. “Culturally, the organization is built on excellence and has the highest standards. HIXNY was impressed by their team from the highest levels of management to line staff. We are excited to work with them.”

Another factor contributing to HealthShare’s selection by HIXNY is the fact that it has been chosen as the software platform for multiple New York information exchange projects including the regional Long Island Patient Information eXchange (LIPIX) and Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX). In addition, HealthShare is being used internationally in initiatives that include a national EHR in Sweden that is now rolling out across that country.

Looking to the Future

HIXNY’s coverage area includes 17 counties in upstate New York, representing millions of patients who are potential recipients of the benefits of health information exchange. These benefits include fast access to information in emergencies, fewer redundant tests, reduced risk of mistakes, and less chance of adverse drug interactions.

E-prescribing that is currently operating on the HIXNY network provides automatic warning to physicians of potential problems and/or incorrect doses—a major benefit to the patients within the communities served by HIXNY. Critical care delivery data including medication history, allergies, and visit information is available via the health information exchange. Plans are to implement HealthShare and add laboratory data during 1Q10. Following that rollout, additional data including imaging reports, progress notes and discharge summaries and other information that affects transition of patient care, will be added on a continuing basis.

“The projected five-year total cost of ownership suggests that InterSystems will provide a platform that is not only based on strong technology but would also allow HIXNY to provide meaningful health information exchange to our community in a cost-efficient manner,” Bizzarro said.