Orthopedics Institute of South Dakota Picks MaxMD for Encryption

Dec. 22, 2009

FORT LEE, N.J., Dec. 21 — The Orthopedic Institute, South Dakota’s largest private orthopedics practice,

has selected MaxMD to provide HIPAA-compliant email and PHI encryption services.   Based in Sioux

Falls, the largest medical services market between Chicago and St. Louis, the Orthopedic Institute

employs more than 200 medical and administrative staff.  It is the largest provider to have implemented

MaxMD’s encryption and related network services on a practice-wide basis, according to an official at MaxMD.

“We looked at many, many solutions for encryption before selecting MaxMD,” said David Vrooman,

the Institute’s director of IT.  “It is reliable, scalable, well-supported, easy to install, and provides us

with a great solution with no appreciable work flow disruption to our staff.”

Vrooman said the Orthopedic Institute has about 225 active users on its network.  “For a fixed monthly

fee, we route all our email traffic through MaxMD servers and can choose to encrypt or not on a per-message

basis,” Vrooman said.