Geonetric Develops Improved Employee Intranet for Abington Health

Dec. 31, 2009

Cedar Rapids, IA – December 28, 2009 – When the newly formed health system, Abington Health, needed to upgrade its flagship hospital’s intranet and integrate employees from the recently acquired Lansdale Hospital, it turned to Geonetric, its online solutions provider. The health system had outgrown its current intranet and needed to better meet the needs of its 6,400 employees.

“It was important to develop an organization-wide resource for internal communication and information,” said Mary Thomson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Abington Health. “And since another community hospital had joined our system, we needed to accommodate those employees as well. This gave us the opportunity to pull many stand alone sites into a central location. Geonetric helped us develop an intranet that is intuitively organized and improves access to essential information across the system.”

Abington Health branded its new intranet “The Bing” – a play on the hospital’s nickname. While developing The Bing, Abington Health’s Web team took the opportunity to re-evaluate the organization’s document structure and decided to implement Geonetric’s Web-based policy and procedure manager to better manage and organize important documents. Other features of the intranet include a unique approach to content organization, using tabs to separate organizational information from clinical information. The site also features an employee spotlight.

“Our current intranet was no longer meeting our organizational needs,” says Alison Ferren, Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer at Abington Health. “With our current public Web site built on Geonetric’s VitalSite technology it only made sense for us to build our intranet on the same software, ensuring consistency and making it easier for our Web team to manage the site.”