Provena Health System Chooses Clinical Technology Services

March 5, 2010

ATLANTA, March 2, 2010 – Under a seven year agreement, ARAMARK Healthcare today announced it has been chosen by Provena Health System to provide clinical technology services for the 1,500 bed, six hospital system serving Illinois and Indiana.

“We are very excited at how well our culture and values align with the vision and values of Provena Health System,” said Brian Poplin, Senior Vice President of ARAMARK Healthcare Clinical Technology Services. “This partnership is built on the understanding that clinical technology is about more than repair and maintenance. It’s about a mindset that interfaces with the system’s information technology mission and patient care goals.”

In addition to leveraging the clinical technology capabilities in its nationally focused technical resource center in Charlotte, NC, ARAMARK Healthcare serves more than 20 hospitals in the Chicago metropolitan area and will combine the strength of its national resources with the experience of its local teams to design and manage a full clinical engineering program at Provena Health System. The program will include biomedical engineering, laboratory and imaging services as well as capital asset management and integration planning to support Provena Health’s system-wide technology goals.

“ARAMARK not only met our needs in terms of financial outcomes, but also thought deeply about what we are trying to accomplish as a Catholic healthcare system,” said John Lynch, Chief Information Officer, Provena Health System. “It is important that clinical technology be networked throughout our system to ensure the best outcomes for day-to-day patient care. This partnership will help us better align the clinical technology functions with our information technology strategy.”

One of the primary reasons Provena Health System chose ARAMARK Healthcare was because of the way the organization linked the pillars of its business strategy (people, service, operational quality and growth and financial outcomes) with Provena Health System’s value structure of respect, integrity, excellence and stewardship.  Among the key programmatic aspects that ARAMARK Healthcare is introducing are its Studer Group-based Impact in Action strategy, which includes employee training (both technical and interpersonal), nurse and employee rounding and a survey-based feedback mechanism to gauge customer satisfaction.