New HIMSS Analytics research: Precision medicine gaining momentum

Aug. 31, 2016

HIMSS Analytics has released its 2016 Essentials Brief: Precision Medicine Study, which provides a high level snapshot of how healthcare organizations are approaching the use of technology to address disease treatment and prevention that takes into account variability in genes, environment and lifestyle for each individual.  Essential Briefs are market research studies focused on identifying salient topics in the healthcare IT space that highlight mind share, market share and market opportunity of specific healthcare software technologies.

Precision medicine is a very specialized area in healthcare that requires a substantial amount of expertise, which is why many of the organization’s currently conducting precision medicine are large academic medical centers or multi-hospital health systems with available internal and external resources.  Earlier this year President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative with the purpose of creating a one-million-person cohort to help understand disease, provide better treatments and improve health outcomes.  With the move of healthcare toward population health and the adoption of clinical intelligence/analytics tools, organizations will be better positioned to benefit from the work being done in the precision medicine arena.

“The initiation of the Precision Medicine Initiative has certainly helped bring precision medicine to the forefront of healthcare today, especially in research areas such as cancer,” says HIMSS Analytics Director of Research, Brendan FitzGerald.  “However, the process of conducting precision medicine is still highly specialized and many healthcare organizations rely upon a combination of internal and external (3rd party testing laboratories) resources to aid them in their processes.  Specific solution platforms dedicated to precision medicine are now being implemented across the market which should help organizations in the journey toward specific disease treatment and prevention.”

The 2016 Precision Medicine Essentials Brief offers insight from 137 CMIOs/CMOs, physicians, biomedical directors, and pathology directors on their current approach toward precision medicine, their areas of focus, their IT approach and the challenges of integrating clinical and genomic data.  Additional insight is provided through data from HIMSS Analytics LOGIC™, the most comprehensive and intuitive global market intelligence tool in healthcare IT.  LOGIC provides adoption rates on specific technologies which could complement the move toward precision medicine, including molecular diagnostics solutions, laboratory outreach services and specimen collection management solutions.

Highlights of the 2016 study include:

  • Current and future adoption of precision medicine solutions
  • Vendor market share, mind share and market opportunity around precision medicine solution platforms
  • Study respondent intentions around bringing clinical specimen and/or sample and sequence analysis in house
  • Study respondent challenges around integrating clinical and genomic data for the purpose of precision medicine

Click here for more information and a free Snapshot Report of the 2016 HIMSS Analytics Precision Medicine Study