Therap’s pharmacy interface allows secure exchange of pharmacy messages

Dec. 27, 2018

Therap’s pharmacy interface allows for direct information exchange via interface between provider agencies and pharmacies to receive updated medication information of individuals. With the pharmacy interface module, Therap users link individuals in the pharmacy system to individuals in Therap’s EHR to receive pharmacy messages. Once linked, agencies see information including new medication alerts from the prescribing physician, changes to doctor’s orders and hold placements. Pharmacy messages are used to update an individual’s medication schedule and that information is transferred onto medication administration records.

While communication is received directly from pharmacies, Therap users have flexibility and control as to how the information is managed and recorded within the Therap system. Thousands of agencies providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other long-term services and supports (LTSS) rely on Therap to document daily information on individuals receiving services.  Professionals including Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses use Therap’s medication administration record (MAR), integrated with industry standard drug database First Databank, to document medications and treatments. Using MAR, they schedule and add comments to medication and treatment records, and export reports including current medications, treatments and documentation to monthly charts. A MAR mobile app for Android and iOS devices is available for quick entry in the community, the individual home and other LTSS settings.

Additionally, Therap’s Medication features allow RNs and LPNs to keep record of medications and update medication histories according to pharmacy messages and communication. This includes detailed information on side effects, drug-allergy reactions and drug-drug interactions, and emergency reference information for certified staff delivering under a licensed nurse’s supervision. Users may add multiple schedules for the same medication, with each schedule having its own begin and end date/time and special instruction. Schedules are configurable, with PRN and other medications itemized separately, and options to view past and/or future schedules on the MAR once medications are reviewed and scheduled. With Therap’s medication administration tools, nurses and professionals have the necessary information to minimize and avoid medication errors.

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