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June 24, 2011
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Guest Blogs: 25

Registered Readers: 768

View Blogs from Industry Insiders, Including:

Pam Arlotto

President and CEO, Maestro Strategies, Atlanta

Richard Bankowitz, M.D.

Vice President and Medical Director, Premier Healthcare Informatics, Charlotte, N.C.

Neal Ganguly

CIO, CentraState Health System, Freehold, N.J.


One-on-One with Norton Healthcare VP & CIO Joseph DeVenuto

Norton Healthcare is composed of five acute care hospitals and provides service through 10 immediate care centers in the Louisville, Ky. area. Recently, HCI Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra spoke with Joseph DeVenuto about how he's handling HITECH, among other challenges, at his sizeable health system.


One-on-One with HIT Policy Committee Member and Certification & Adoption Workgroup Member Paul Egerman

When the HITECH legislation called for the creation of Policy and Standards Committees to help guide ONC, Paul Egerman was very interested. After joining the Policy Committee earlier in the year, Egerman volunteered for the Workgroup on Certification and james 8/20 - this text looks like it's in the wrong spot. please be sure this matches all others on toc. thanks. Adoption, where his purview necessarily included the fate of CCHIT. Recently, Egerman's workgroup delivered its recommendations, which called for a major shakeup of the status quo. Recently, HCI Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra had a chance to talk with Egerman about the group's work.


One-on-One with Blair Childs, Sr. VP Public Affairs, Premier Inc.

As healthcare reform, reimbursement reform, and healthcare IT-related legislation move forward on Capitol Hill, those performing advocacy work in Congress are sprinting across the Hill in order to keep up with fast-moving developments. One of those key people, Blair Childs, updated Contributing Editor Mark Hagland on the latest in healthcare legislation developments.


ARRA: The Care Revolution (a guest article by Scott MacLean)

Scott MacLean is CIO of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, a community medical center that is affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Newton-Wellesley is a member of Boston-based Partners HealthCare, where MacLean serves as corporate director. In this article, MacLean discusses the challenges his organization has faced around stimulus incentives and what is being done to mitigate them.


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Virtual Hospital Tour

Located in the heart of historic Greenwich Village in New York City, St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan has been a vital part of its community for more than 150 years. With 483 beds, St. Vincent's houses the only Level I Trauma Center serving both the West Side and lower Manhattan, and serves as the academic center for New York Medical College. See online photo tour at: http://www.healthcare-informatics.com/stvincent.
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