June 24, 2011
Cardinal HealthDublin, OH(614) 757-5000http://www.cardinalhealth.comRevenue: $81,400,000,000 (06)$74,300,000,000 (05)$65,400,000,000 (04)HIT

Cardinal Health

Dublin, OH (614) 757-5000 http://www.cardinalhealth.comRevenue:$81,400,000,000 (06) $74,300,000,000 (05) $65,400,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:3% Employees:55,000 Market: NYSE Ticker:CAH Founded:1971 Cardinal Health provides technologies that help hospitals manage medications from the loading dock to the patient bedside; store and track specialty supplies and identify and prevent hospital-acquired infections. Company Executives: Robert Walter, Executive Director of the Board and Founder; R. Kerry Clark, CEO


Reston, VA (888) 886-5909$7,800,000,000 (06) $7,200,000,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:4% Employees:44,000 Market: Private Founded:1969 SAIC Health Solutions features expertise in health information technology, public health, life sciences and health services. It uses technology to improve healthcare delivery, reduce medical errors, secure public health and expedite medical research. Company Executives: Ken Dahlberg, CEO; Bob McCord, Senior VP, General Manager Health Solutions Business Unit

Henry Schein

Melville, NY (631) 843-5701 http://www.henryschein.comRevenue:$5,100,000,000 (06) $4,600,000,000 (05) $4,000,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:2% Employees:10,000 Market:: Nasdaq Ticker:HSIC Founded:1932 One of the largest distributors of Healthcare products both domestically and internationally. Company Executives: Stanley Bergman; Jim Breslawski


Fairfax, VA (703) 227-6107$3,112,273,000 (06) $3,013,174,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:32% Employees:25,000 Market:: NYSE, TSX Ticker:TSX: GIB.A; NYSE: GIB Ticker:1976 CGI helps government healthcare departments and providers and payers harness the power of technology. It focuses on EHR and shared services solutions and manages critical IT and back-office functions on behalf of its clients. Company Executives: Rob Robertson, Dir. N. American Healthcare Solutions Grp.; John George, Dir. of Business Development in N. American Healthcare Solutions Grp.

Perot Systems Corp.

Plano, TX (972) 577-3000 http://www.perotsystems.comRevenue:$2,300,000,000 (06) $2,000,000,000 (05) $1,800,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:51% Employees:21,000 Market:: NYSE Ticker:PER Founded:1988 Perot Systems provides consulting, BPO, and technology-based solutions and delivers integrated, comprehensive services for all facets of the healthcare industry. Company Executives: Peter Altabef, CEO; Russell Freeman, CFO


Cary, NC (919) 677-8000$1,900,000,000 (06) $1,680,000,000 (05) $1,530,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:8.9% Employees:10,122 Market:: Private Founded:1976 SAS delivers business intelligence software and services that create enterprise intelligence, enable more accurate and informed decisions, and drive organizations forward. Company Executives: Dr. Jim Goodnight, CEO and co-founder of SAS; Jim Davis, Senior VP and CMO

Agfa HealthCare Corp.

Greenville, SC (864) 421-1600$1,823,020,848 (06) $1,764,011,220 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:32% Employees:7,197 in Agfa HealthCare at end of 2005 Market:Brussels Ticker:AGFAt.BR Founded:1867 Agfa HealthCare provides integrated IT and imaging systems, offering healthcare facilities and hospitals a seamless flow of information and a 360-degree view of patient care. Company Executives: Marc Olivie; Philippe Houssiau

Sage Software Healthcare Inc.

Tampa, FL (877) 932-6301 http://www.sagehealth.comRevenue:$1,690,000,000 (06) $1,400,000,000 (05) $1,240,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:32% Employees:13,000 employees in operations in North America, the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and various countries in Asia. Market:: LSE Ticker:SGE Founded:1982 Sage Software provides practice management and electronic health record software and services, as well as accounting and human resources solutions for the business needs of physicians' practices. Company Executives: Andrew Corbin, CEO, Healthcare; Ron Verni, CEO, Sage Software North America

McKesson Provider Technologies HEADLINER, PAGE 64

Alpharetta, GA (404) 338-6000 http://www.mckesson.comRevenue:$1,542,000,000 (06) $1,301,800,000 (05) $1,202,500,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:13,000 Market:: NYSE Ticker:MCK Founded:1974 As the information and automation technology segment of McKesson Corp., McKesson Provider Technologies provides information technology, automation solutions and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Company Executives: Pamela Pure, President; Sunny Sanyal, Chief Operating Officer

Cerner Corp. HEADLINER, PAGE 66

Kansas City, MO (816) 221-1024 http://www.cerner.comRevenue:$1,380,000,000 (06) $1,303,629,000 (05) $982,265,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:7,500 Market:: Nasdaq Ticker:CERN Founded:1979 Cerner Corp. supplies healthcare information technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes. Cerner offers clients a dedicated focus on healthcare, an end-to-end solution and service portfolio. Company Executives: Neal Patterson, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Clifford Illig, Vice Chairman


Eden Prairie, MN (888) 445-8745 http://www.ingenix.comRevenue:$976,000,000 (06) $794,000,000 (05) $670,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:4,700 Market:: NYSE Ticker:UNH Founded:1996 Ingenix improves healthcare through information and technology. Together with its clients and business partners, Ingenix is improving the affordability, quality, usability and accessibility of healthcare. Company Executives: Andy Slavitt, CEO; Lee Valenta, COO

Misys Healthcare Systems

Raleigh, NC (866) 647-9787 http://www.misyshealthcare.comRevenue:$598,570,000 (06) $549,420,000 (05) $507,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:2600 Market:London Stock Exchange (LSE) Ticker:MYS.L Founded:1979 Misys Healthcare Systems develops and supports software and services that enable physicians and caregivers to manage the complexities of healthcare. Company Executives: Roger (Veru) Davenport, Executive VP and General Manager; Paul Lewis, Senior VP, Sales and Service

NEC Unified Solutions Inc.

Irving, TX (214) 262-6400 http://www.necunified.comRevenue:$535,000,000 (06) $595,000,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:17% Employees:1,400 Market:Private Founded:2004 NEC Unified Solutions Inc., a provider of VoIP and data communications for the enterprise, delivers a suite of products, applications and services that help customers achieve business value through technology. A wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation of America, it offers a range of communications services and solutions, product platforms and applications, and an open migration path to protect investments. Company Executives: Charles Langdon, President; Jeff Kane, Senior VP of Sales

Eclipsys Corp.

Boca Raton, FL (561) 322-4321 http://www.eclipsys.comRevenue:$427,600,000 (06) $383,300,000 (05) $309,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:2,200 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:ECLP Founded:1995 Eclipsys Corp. delivers integrated information software, clinical content and professional services that help healthcare organizations save time, money and lives, improving clinical, financial, operational and satisfaction outcomes. Company Executives: R. Andrew Eckert, President and CEO; Robert Colletti, Senior VP and CFO

Epic Systems Corp.

Verona, WI (608) 271 -9000 http://www.epicsystems.comRevenue:$422,000,000 (06) $370,000,000 (05) $309,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:2,600 Market:Private Founded:1979 Epic Corp. provides the information backbone for many of the country's most progressive healthcare organizations, linking their users to a single source of relevant clinical access and revenue-cycle information. Company Executives: Judith Faulkner, CEO; Carl Dvorak, Executive VP

The TriZetto Group HEADLINER, PAGE 68

Newport Beach, CA (800) 569-1222 http://www.trizetto.comRevenue:$347,900,000 (06) $292,200,000 (05) $274,600,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:1,850 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:TZIX Founded:1997 TriZetto offers information technology products and services targeted to the payer industry, including enterprise administration software, cost and quality of care solutions, software hosting services, and business process outsourcing services. Company Executives: Jeff Margolis, CEO; Kathleen Earley, President and COO

Meditech (Medical Information Technology, Inc.)

Westwood, MA (781) 821-3000 http://www.meditech.comRevenue:$344,590,000 (06) $304,570,000 (05) $280,760,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:2,600 Market:Private Founded:1969 Meditech provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of healthcare organizations worldwide. The organizations served include hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations. Company Executives: A. Neil Pappalardo, Chairman and CEO; Howard Messing, President and COO

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Teaneck, NJ (201) 801-0233 http://www.cognizant.comRevenue:$330,860,000 (06) $176,102,000 (05) $116,370,000 (04) HIT Revenue:23% Employees:38,800 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:CTSH Founded:1994 Cognizant provides IT and business process outsourcing services focused on delivering strategic information technology solutions that address the business needs of its clients. Company Executives: Francisco D'Souza, President and CEO; Gordon Coburn, CFO and COO

First Consulting Group

Long Beach, CA (562) 624-5200 http://www.fcg.comRevenue:$264,102,000 (06) $278,438,000 (05) $269,908,000 (04) HIT Revenue:88% Employees:2,716 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:FCGI Founded:1981 FCG is a provider of outsourcing, consulting, systems implementation and integration for healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life sciences organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Through combinations of on-site, off-site and offshore outsourced services, FCG helps to improve its clients' performance. Company Executives: Larry Ferguson, CEO; Tom Watford, COO and CFO

Hitachi Consulting

Dallas, TX (214) 665-7000 http://www.hitachiconsulting.comRevenue:$250,000,000 (06) $200,000,000 (05) $150,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:20% Employees:1,200 Market:NYSE Ticker:HIT - we are a majority owned subsidary of Hitachi Ltd Founded:1999 Hitachi Consulting provides consulting to the healthcare provider market including implementation of ERP (Lawson, Oracle, SAP) as well as strategic IT planning, business intelligence and clinical application selection/implementation services. Company Executives: Michael Travis, President; David Moore, Managing VP Healthcare

Allscripts HEADLINER, PAGE 70

Chicago, IL (800) 654-0889 http://www.allscripts.comRevenue:$227,969,000 (06) $120,564,000 (05) $100,770,000 (04) HIT Revenue:81% Employees:935 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:MDRX Founded:1986 Allscripts provides clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that physicians use to improve healthcare. It informs, connects, and transforms healthcare for more than 30,000 providers nationwide. Company Executives: Glen Tullman, CEO; Lee Shapiro, President


Franklin, TN (800) 368-1717 http://www.spheris.comRevenue:$207,100,000 (06) $209,000,000 (05) $153,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:6202 Market:Private Founded:1998 Spheris is a global outsource provider of clinical documentation technology and services to more than 500 health systems, hospitals and group practices throughout the United States. Company Executives: Steven Simpson, president and CEO; Tony James, COO

InterSystems Corp.

Cambridge, MA (617) 621-0600 http://www.InterSystems.comRevenue:$200,000,000 (06) $169,000,000 (05) $155,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:80% Employees:560 Market:Private Founded:1978 InterSystems Corp. is a provider of database and integration software. The CACHÉ object database, Ensemble rapid integration software, and HealthShare health information exchange platform enable developers to quickly create, deploy and integrate high-performance healthcare systems. Company Executives: Phillip (Terry) Ragon, CEO; John McCormick, COO

Keane Inc.

Melville, NY (800) 699-6773$174,488,000 (06) $180,170,000 (05) $175,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:18.4% Employees:9,200 Market:NYSE Ticker:KEA Founded:1965 Keane Inc. provides healthcare-specific solutions to help integrated delivery networks, hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical group practices and payer organizations better manage their IT operations. Company Executives: Raymond Paris, Senior VP; Walt Kaczor, Vice President

Lason Inc.

Troy, MI (800) 497- 9527 Revenue:$155,000,000 (06) $145,000,000 (05) $142,500,000 (04) HIT Revenue:30.2% Employees:11,000+ Market:BSE Ticker:HOVS Founded:1985 Lason Inc. develops ways to improve business processes in electronic medial records imaging, revenue cycle management and claims management. Company Executives: Ronald Cogburn, President and CEO; Suresh Yannamani, President and COO, BPO Services

Kronos Inc. HEADLINER, PAGE 73

Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-9800 http://www.kronos.comRevenue:$145,000,000 (06) $145,240,000 (05) $130,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:25% Employees:3,400 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:KRON Founded:1977 Kronos Inc. is a global provider of human capital management solutions, through a combination of talent management, workforce management, and human resources software and services. Company Executives: Aron Ain, CEO; Paul Lacy, President

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA Inc.

Wayne, NJ (800) 934-1034 Revenue:$130,000,000 (06) $120,000,00 (05) $90,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:200+ Market:Private Founded:1873 Konica Minolta Medical Imaging Inc. is a manufacturer/distributor of digital and traditional imaging products for diagnostic use by hospitals, imaging centers, clinics and private practice physicians. Company Executives: Henry Kobayashi, President and COO; Bill Ward, VP, Sales and Marketing

QuadraMed Corp. HEADLINER, PAGE 75

Reston, VA (703) 709-2300 http://www.quadramed.comRevenue:$125,201,000 (06) $122,313,000 (05) $124,804,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:581 Market:American Ticker:QD Founded:1993 QuadraMed provides care-based revenue cycle solutions optimize the patient experience by linking clinical documentation with the revenue cycle, enabling healthcare organizations to achieve improvements in clinical and financial success. Company Executives: Keith Hagen, President and CEO; David Piazza, EVP and CFO

Emageon Inc. HEADLINER, PAGE 76

Birmingham, AL (205) 980-9222 http://www.emageon.comRevenue:$123,505,000 (06) $75,064,000 (05) $46,500,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:436 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:EMAG Founded:1999 Emageon Inc. provides enterprise medical information technology systems for hospitals and healthcare networks, providing multi-specialty, advanced visualization and infrastructure tools for the clinical analysis and management of digital medical images, reports and content. Company Executives: Chuck Jett, Chairman, CEO and President; Randy Pittman, CFO

Wipro Technologies

East Brunswick, NJ (952) 484-6873$121,550,000 (06) $51,350,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:4% Employees:6,5000 Market:NYSE.NSE Ticker:WIT Founded:1946 Wipro Healthcare provides consulting, technology and outsourcing services to global customers across the healthcare value chain. Its healthcare-specific solutions include disease management, P4P, claims processing and retail pharmacy solutions. Company Executives: Azim Premji, Chairman; PR Chandrashekar, CEO

NextGen Healthcare/Quality Systems Inc.

Horsham, PA (215)-657-7010 http://www.nextgen.comRevenue:$119,300,000 (06) $89,000,000 (05) $71,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:600 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:QSII Founded:1994 NextGen Healthcare Inc. is a provider of practice management systems, EMR software, and resource solutions for medical practices. Company Executives: Louis Silverman, CEO; Patrick Cline, President


Mobile, AL (800) 711-2774 http://www.cpsinet.comRevenue:$115,973,000 (06) $108,826,000 (05) $82,664,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:940 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:CPSI Founded:1979 CPSI provides a fully integrated healthcare information system/EMR for community hospitals that includes software, hardware, conversion/implementation, and support. Software modules include financial, clinical, point of care, and PACS solutions. Company Executives: J. Boyd Douglas, President and CEO; Mike Jones, Executive ViP and COO

CareTech Solutions Inc.

Troy, MI (248) 823-0800 http://www.caretechsolutions.comRevenue:$113,890,000 (06) $106,190,000 (05) $103,600,000 (04) HIT Revenue:99% Employees:652 Market:Private Founded:1998 From implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day operations, CareTech Solutions delivers healthcare information iechnology and health information management products and services that help improve patient care while lowering healthcare costs. Company Executives: James Giordano, President and CEO; Patrick Milostan, Senior VP and COO


Alpharetta, GA (800) 367-1500 http://www.sdshealth.comRevenue:$113,638,000 (06) $100,334,000 (05) $93,703,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:2,400 Market:Private Founded:1976 With over 30 years of experience in the HIM industry, SDS (Smart Document Solutions) is a full-service provider of health information solutions for release-of-information, document management, and healthcare consulting. Company Executives: Frank Murphy, President and CEO; Peter Schmitt, CFO


Longueuil, Ontario, Canada (450) 928-6000 http://www.emergis.comRevenue:$98,900,000 (06) $78,900,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:67% Employees:1,000 Market:TSX Ticker:EME Founded:1988 A North American healthcare IT supplier, Emergis automates the secure exchange of patient data across broad jurisdictions with its EDI services as well as though its Assure EHR product family. The company also helps provider sites to improve clinician workflow through its practice management solutions and its interoperable Oacis EMR product. Company Executives: Francois Cote, President and CEO; Mark Groper, Executive VP, Health - Public Sector


Dallas, TX (214) 257-7000 http://www.phns.comRevenue:$92,150,867 (06) $78,854,958 (05) $71,643,708 (04) HIT Revenue:55% Employees:1,486 Market:Private Founded:1999 PHNS Inc. provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for hospitals including information technology, health information management (including medical record management and storage, transcription, coding, release of information and EMR services), advisory services and receivables management services. Company Executives: Charles Young, CEO and Co-Founder; Richard Kneipper - CAO and Co-Founder

Quovadx Inc.

Greenwood Village, CO (303) 488-2019 http://www.quovadx.comRevenue:$84,120,000 (06) $83,103,000 (05) $82,801,000 (04) HIT Revenue:65% Employees:275 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:QVDX Founded:1989 Quovadx Inc. is a global software and services firm that has helped enterprise customers worldwide to develop, extend and integrate applications based on open standards. Quovadx serves companies in healthcare, financial services, telecommuncitions and the public sector. Company Executives: Harvey Wagner, President and CEO; Matthew Pullam, CFO


Canton, MA (781) 575-1100 http://www.jjwild.comRevenue:$76,626,373 (06) $72,000,000 (05) $43,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:170 Market:Private Founded:1956 JJWild leverages its technology and application consulting expertise to design and develop integrated IT solutions that empower healthcare organizations using Meditech software to optimize their healthcare delivery. Company Executives: Sal Lanuto, CEO; Dick Fitzpatrick, President

athenahealth Inc.

Watertown, MA (617) 402-1428 http://www.athenahealth.comRevenue:$75,960,000 (06) $53,550,000 (05) $38,940,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:567 Market:Private Founded:1997 athenahealth Inc. provides a physician revenue and clinical cycle management offering that integrates Web-based practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software, updated payer knowledge, and back-office processing specialists into a single service. Company Executives: Jonathan Bush, Chairman and CEO; Todd Paek, Chief Development Officer, Co-Founder

Vital Images Inc.

Minnetonka, MN (952) 487-9500 http://www.vitalimages.comRevenue:$70,512,000 (06) $51,717,000 (05) $36,122,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:305 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:VTAL Founded:1988 Vital Images Inc. is a provider of enterprise-wide advanced visualization software solutions. The company's technology gives radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists and other specialist, time-saving productivity and communications tools that can be accessed for use in the practice of medicine. Company Executives: Jay Miller, President and CEO; Michael Carrel, CFO and COO


Wakefield, MA (781) 557 -3000 http://www.picis.comRevenue:$67,039,000 (06) $59,962,323 (05) $37,301,587 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:425 Market:Private Founded:1994 Picis, a provider of healthcare solutions, deliveres perioperative automation, transforming surgery and anesthesia departments into efficient quality-care operations. Company Executives: Todd Cozzens, CEO; R. Scott Lentz, CFO


Pittsburgh, PA (412) 937-8887 http://www.MED3000.comRevenue:$63,580,000 (06) $34,000,000 (05) $30,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:75% Employees:1,000+ Market:Private Founded:1995 Providers of healthcare management and information technology, MED3OOO advances the performance of group medical practices, hospital-employed physicians and provider networks with ASP PM/EMR systems, billing/RCM, data-warehouse reporting, and population-health management. Company Executives: Patrick Hampson, CEO; Richard Schickler, EVP Physician Services

SCC Soft Computer

Clearwater, FL (727) 789-0100 http://www.softcomputer.comRevenue:$62,500,000 (06) $57,550,000 (05) $53,780,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:1,167 Market:Private Founded:1979 SCC Soft Computer provides integrated clinical software solutions including a Laboratory Suite, Outreach Suite, Blood Services Suite, Radiology Suite, Pharmacy Suite, and Genetics Suite. Company Executives: Gilbert Hakim, CEO; Jean Hakim, President

InfoLogix Inc.

Hatboro, PA (215) 604-0691 http://www.infologixsys.comRevenue:$60,800,000 (06) $55,500,000 (05) $45,500,000 (04) HIT Revenue:57% Employees:88 Market:OTC Bulletin Board Ticker:IFLG Founded:2001 InfoLogix Inc. is a provider of mobile enterprise technology solutions. InfoLogix provides strategic consulting, business applications, mobile managed services, wireless device and infrastructure, and connectivity solutions to Fortune 1000 clients. Company Executives: David Gulian, President and CEO; Rick Hodge, Executive VP

Netsmart Technologies

Great River, NY (800) 421-7503 http://www.ntst.comRevenue:$59,050,000 (06) $37,980,000 (05) $29,010,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:340 Market:Private Founded:1978 Netsmart Technologies is an enterprise software system for health and human services organizations to facilitate clinical, financial and management processes. Company Executives: James Conway, Chairman and CEO; Anthony Grisanti, EVP and CFO


Rockville, MD (301) 634-4600 http://www.cns-inc.comRevenue:$57,600,000 (06) $31,393,000 (05) $10,960,000 (04) HIT Revenue:44% Employees:1,100 Market:Private Founded:1994 CNSI is a provider of IT solutions for government and commercial enterprises. Offerings include full lifecycle application development, systems engineering, business process reengineering, program management, information assurance, and network management services. Company Executives: B. Chatterjee, President; Adnan Ahmed, Chief Strategy Officer

Accuro Healthcare Solutions

Dallas, TX (877) 321-0500 http://www.accurohealth.comRevenue:$56,000,000 (06) $24,072,000 (05) $19,507,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:400 Market:Private Founded:2004 Accuro Healthcare Solutions' Web-based management tools provide medical necessity verification; determine rational, yet optimum prices; manage payer performance; ensure accurate chargemaster maintenance and coding compliance, and provide business analytics. Company Executives: John Carlyle, CEO; Brent McCarty, President and COO

DR Systems Inc. UP & COMERS, PAGE 82

San Diego, CA (800) 794 -5955 http://www.dominator.comRevenue:$50,180,499 (06) $36,185,565 (05) $42,360,151 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:160 Market:Private Founded:1992 DR Systems' enterprise medical imaging information systems lowers cost of production while improving patient care, enhancing clinical and financial success. Company Executives: Murray Reicher, MD, Chairman and Co-founder; Richard Porritt, President and CEO

CareMedic Systems

St. Petersburg, FL (727) 329-7800 http://www.caremedic.comRevenue:$49,040,000 (06) $35,940,000 (05) $14,220,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:330 Market:Private Founded:1997 CareMedic is a provider of financial management tools. It delivers a comprehensive set of revenue cycle management solutions designed to automate hospital business office workflow, maximize the business office's operational efficiency and improve overall financial performance. Company Executives: Sheila Schweitzer, Chairperson and CEO; Allen Plunk, Senior VP and CFO

Healthcare Management Systems Inc.

Nashville, TN (615) 383-7300 http://www.hmstn.comRevenue:$46,970,373 (06) $41,667,203 (05) $34,465,084 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:385 Market:Private Founded:1984 HMS delivers integrated hospital information systems and services as a single source for community and specialty hospitals. Together with its customers, it develops solutions that advance the patient care process and improve business opertions. Company Executives: Tom Stephenson, President and COO; Paul Agee, Executive VP and CFO


Troy, MI (248) 619-3503 http://www.syntelinc.comRevenue:$46,000,000 (06) $43,000,000 (05) $37,100,000 (04) HIT Revenue:17% Employees:8,300+ Market:Nasdaq Ticker:SYNT Founded:1980 Syntel is a global provider of integrated ITO/BPO solutions for Global2000 corporations. It leverages a global delivery model to deliver value and innovation, creating new opportunities for its customers. Company Executives: Bharat Desai, Chairman and CEO; Keshav Murugesh, President and COO

Initiate Systems Inc.

Chicago, IL (312) 759-5030 http://www.initiatesystems.comRevenue:$45,000,000 (06) $26,000,000 (05) $17,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:58% Employees:200 + Market:Private Founded:1985 Initiate Systems Inc. is a provider of customer-centric master data management solutions. Initiate Identity Hub software is scalable, rapidly deployed and widely used. Company Executives: Bill Conroy, President and CEO; Martin Moseley, CTO

Precision Dynamics Corporation

San Fernando, CA (818) 897-1111$44,500,000 (06) $41,600,000 (05) $39,240,000 (04) HIT Revenue:60% Employees:531 Market:Private Founded:1956 PDC is a provider of patient ID wristband systems. The company introduced the first patient bar code wristband and Smart Bans RFID Wristband. Company Executives: Gary Hutchinson, President and CEO; Walter Mosher, CIO and Chairman

MEDecision Inc.

Wayne, PA (610) 540-0202 http://www.MEDecision.comRevenue:$44,200,000 (06) $38,200,000 (05) $27,400,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:238 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:MEDE Founded:1988 MEDecision provides healthcare payer organizations with software, services and clinical content that allow them to increase administrative efficiency and improve the overall quality and affordability of their members' healthcare. Company Executives: David St.Clair, Founder and CEO; John Capobianco, President and COO

CBay Systems and Services Inc.

Annapolis, MD (410) 940-6900$41,861,646 (06) $31,721,679 (05) $25,538,975 (04) HIT Revenue:80% Employees:135 Market:Private Founded:1998 CBay Inc. provides transcription and document management solutions to IDNs, hospitals, academic institutions, clinics and physician practices. Offering full outsource, overflow and backlog services, CBay's solutions provide secure, accurate and cost-effective transcription. Company Executives: Raman Kumar CEO; Christopher Foley President

Logibec Groupe Informatique lte

Montreal, Canada (514) 766-0134 http://www.logibec.comRevenue:$40,756,036 (06) $29,683,952 (05) $27,772,991 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:250 Market:TSX Ticker:LGI Founded:1982 Logibec provides software and computer services in the health and social sector throughout Quebec and Canada.Company Executives: M. Claude Roy, President; M. Gilles Laporte, VP, Development

Companion Technologies

Columbia, SC (800)382-7243 http://www.companiontechnologies.comRevenue:$39,000,000 (06) $43,000,000 (05) $45,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:205 Market:Private Founded:1986 Companion Technologies develops comprehensive information technology and services for the healthcare industry. Its physician practice management, electronic medical records (EMR) and revenue cycle management products help improve healthcare organizations' financial, clinical and managed care operations. Company Executives: Mike Labedz, President and COO; Teresa Kinard, CFO

eClinicalWorks UP & COMERS, PAGE 82

Westborough, MA (508)836-2700 http://www.eclinicalworks.comRevenue:$38,200,000 (06) $18,000,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:420 Market:Private Founded:1999 eClinicalWorks helps physician practices improve operations and communication throughout their extended office. Company Executives: Girish Kumar Navani, President; Mahesh Kumar Navani, COO

Mediware Information Systems

Lenexa, KS (913) 307-1000 http://www.mediware.comRevenue:$37,800,000 (06) $36,500,000 (05) $36,600,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:200 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:MEDW Founded:1980 Mediware targets three primary areas of patient care . medication management, perioperative management and blood management . with software solutions that encapsulate patient care instructions, reinforce patient safety practices and improve efficiencies to lower costs. Company Executives: James Burgess, President and CEO; Mark Williams, CFO

Dairyland Healthcare Solutions

Glenwood, MN (320) 634-5331 http://www.dhsnet.comRevenue:$37,600,000 (06) $32,000,000 (05) $25,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:300 Market:Private Founded:1980 Dairyland Healthcare Solutions provides information systems for community and specialty hospitals. Comprised of integrated administrative, financial and clinical applications, the systems help users manage information, operations and patient care. Company Executives: Alan Grundei; Mark Middendorf

The SSI Group Inc.

Mobile, AL (251) 345-0000 http://www.thessigroup.comRevenue:$37,000,000 (06) $41,000,000 (05) $36,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:380+ Market:Private Founded:1988 The SSI Group offers services and technologies for managing cash flow, including claims processing (ASP/direct/clearinghouse), real-time eligibility, claims status/audit, contract/denial/document management and business office outsourcing. Company Executives: Bobby Smith, CEO and President; Jimmy Lyons, CFO

Source Medical

Birmingham, AL (205)9721222 http://www.sourcemed.netRevenue:$35,116,115 (06) $31,586,679 (05) $31,007,834 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:280 Market:Private Founded:2001 SourceMedical provides outpatient information solutions and services for ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals, physician practices, rehabilitation clinics, and diagnostic imaging centers to over 5,900 customers nationwide. Company Executives: George McTavish, CEO; C. Scott Stone, CFO and Executive VP

Perceptive Software Inc.

Shawnee, KS (913) 422-7525 http://www.imagenow.comRevenue:$35,000,000 (06) $25,000,000 (05) $17,200,000 (04) HIT Revenue:40% Employees:308 Market:Private Founded:1988 Perceptive Software develops ImageNow enterprise document management, and imaging and workflow solutions to help organizations capture and organize documents, and retrieve a precise page instantly. Company Executives: Scott Coons, President and CEO; Cary DeCamp, Executive VP Marketing and Communications

EVault Inc.

Emeryville, CA (877) 723-1234 http://www.evault.comRevenue:$34,500,000 (06) $28,700,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:15% Employees:250 Market:NYSE Ticker:We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology (STX) Founded:1997 EVault Inc. provides data protection software and outsourced services for backup, recovery, archiving, business continuity and e-discovery for over 8,500 customers, allowing them to conform to industry-specific compliance and security regulations. Company Executives: Phil Gilmour, President; Robert Hickey, Sr. VP, Sales

ISH Inc.

Fairfield, NJ (973) 669-1756 http://www.ishinc.comRevenue:$33,565,000 (06) $32,900,000 (05) $32,340,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:183 Market:Private Founded:1989 ISH Inc. has delivered business improvement solutions and IT implementations to healthcare providers throughout the nation since 1989, with a staff of 183 professionals and over 500 clients nationwide. Company Executives: Jeffrey Uliano, President and CEO; John Marchisin, Sr. Executive VP

Passport Health Communications Inc.

Franklin, TN (888) 661-5657 http://www.passporthealth.comRevenue:$32,995,000 (06) $25,499,000 (05) $17,362,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:170 Market:Private Founded:1990 Passport Health Comminications Inc. facilitates healthcare providers' access to payer and patient information to improve the accuracy and timeliness of payments. Company Executives: James Lackey, CEO and Chairman; Keith Ely, President

3t Systems Inc.

Denver, CO (800) 443 -7404 http://www.3tsystems.comRevenue:$32,000,000 (06) $21,934,000 (05) $12,276,000 (04) HIT Revenue:35% Employees:245 Market:Private Founded:1994 3t Systems Inc. provides IT consulting and implementation services in the areas of advanced infrastructure, unified communications, imaging and document management, application integration, security, and managed services. Company Executives: Eddie Speir, Partner; Tim Reeser, Partner

TeleVox Software Inc.

Mobile, AL (800) 644-4266 http://www.televox.comRevenue:$32,000,000 (06) $23,000,000 (05) $18,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:98% Employees:250 Market:Private Founded:1992 TeleVox Software designs, markets and supports patient communication and messaging software for healthcare practices, clinics and hospitals for mproved patient communication, and offers a suite of products, including outbound message delivery and inbound inquiry. Company Executives: Pam Mortenson, EVP; Lisa Taylor, SVP Client Operations


Baltimore, MD (410) 276 -1960 http://www.visicu.comRevenue:$30,245,000 (06) $18,352,000 (05) $5,514,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:104 Market:NASDQ Ticker:EICU Founded:1998 VISICU is a healthcare information technology and clinical solutions company focused on transforming the delivery of critical care through its eICU Program. Through remote monitoring technology and clinical intelligence, critical care resources are leveraged to provide coverage and early intervention for safer, more effective patient care. Company Executives: Frank Sample, Chairman and CEO

Sentillion Inc.

Andover, MA (978) 689-9095 http://www.sentillion.comRevenue:$29,300,000 (06) $23,600,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:150 Market:Private Founded:1998 Sentillion Inc. provides identity and access management solutions to the healthcare industry. Sentillion provides standards-based solutions for single sign-on, user provisioning and virtualized remote access. Company Executives: Robert Seliger, CEO; Nancy Ham, President

Antares Management Solutions

Westlake, OH (440) 414-2100 http://www.Antaressolutions.comRevenue:$28,300,000 (06) $32,000,000 (05) $34,600,000 (04) HIT Revenue:49% Employees:586 Market:Private Founded:1997 Antares offers information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing solutions for cost-effective outsourcing to help clients obtain operating efficiencies and gain competitive advantages in their markets. Company Executives: Ed Hartzell, CEO; Ken Sidon, President

CareCentric Inc.

Atlanta, GA (800) 254 - 9872 http://www.carecentric.comRevenue:$28,000,000 (06) $22,000,000 (05) $22,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:375 Market:Private Founded:1969 CareCentric Inc. provides information systems, billing services, business operation and IT outsourcing, and consulting services to the entire post-acute care continuum; home health, HME, home pharmacy and long-term care. Company Executives: John Festa, CEO and President; Ana McGary, Senior VP

TeleTracking Technologies UP & COMERS, PAGE 84

Pittsburgh, PA (412) 391-7862 http://www.teletracking.comRevenue:$27,700,000 (06) $23,700,000 (05) $17,400,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:135 Market:Private Founded:1991 TeleTracking has helps hospitals maximize bed utilization and patient throughput by improving patient flow. Solutions improve bed turnover, streamline patient placement and expedite patient transport. Company Executives: Anthony Sanzo, President and CEO; Gene Nacey, Founder and CTO


Seattle, WA (206) 749-9456 http://www.adaptisinc.comRevenue:$27,609,165 (06) $27,146,420 (05) $23,097,330 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:185 Market:Private Founded:1996 Adaptis provides administrative, medical management and decision support services, freeing health payers from claims and other business process logistics so they can focus on member care. Company Executives: James Anderson, President and CEO; Morton Latta, COO

Stinger Medical LLC

Murfreesboro, TN (615) 896-1652 http://www.stingermedical.comRevenue:$27,200,000 (06) $19,800,000 (05) $17,146,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:140 Market:Private Founded:1995 Stinger Medical provides point of care solutions that serve as the foundation for hospitals' future EMR growth. Company Executives: Gary Coonan, President and CEO; Don Coonan, Executive VP

Nightingale UP & COMERS, PAGE 86

Pembroke, MA (866) 852-3663 http://www.nightingale.mdRevenue:$24,000,000 (06) $19,000,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:240 Market:TSX Ticker:NGH Founded:2001 Nightingale provides EMR and practice management software plus connectivity and related professional services. Internet/ASP and client/server products and is used by over 20,000 U.S.-based providers and behavioral health professionals. Company Executives: Sam Chebib, CEO; Nick Vaney, CFO

Orion Health UP & COMERS, PAGE 86

Santa Monica, CA (800) 905-9151 http://www.orionhealth.comRevenue:$23,962,071 (06) $15,984,351 (05) $11,166,509 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:250+ Market:Private Founded:1993 Orion Health's solutions integrate and enhance existing healthcare information systems and deliver secure, universal access to information. Orion delivers an end-to-end IT integration platform for enhanced clinical efficiency and better patient care. Company Executives: Paul Viskovich, President North America; Kimbal Riley, COO


St. Louis, MO (314) 993-4378 http://www.purkinje.comRevenue:$22,947,629 (06) $18,121,908 (05) $7,263,585 (04) HIT Revenue:18% Employees:350 Market:Private Founded:1999 Purkinje offers a unified suite of solutions in the areas of practice management, electronic health records, personal health records, and electronic prescribing. Additionally, Purkinje provides a series of professional services including billing services, transcription, and medication fulfillment. Company Executives: Bryan Dieter, President and CEO; Greg Rice, CFO

ECG Management Consultants Inc.

Seattle, WA (206) 689-2200 http://www.ecgmc.comRevenue:$20,300,000 (06) $16,100,000 (05) $14,600,000 (04) HIT Revenue:9.4% Employees:95 Market:Private Founded:1973 ECG Management Consultants Inc. is a national healthcare consulting firm. HCIT services include systems strategic planning, system selection/contract negotiation, and implementation quality assurance and project management. Company Executives: Andrew MacDonald, CEO; Daniel Merlino, President

RCM Technologies Inc.

Parsippany, NJ (973) 658-3000 http://www.rcmt.comRevenue:$19,646,147 (06) $20,874,415 (05) $17,350,000 (04) HIT Revenue:10% Employees:2,534 Market:Nasdaq Global Market Ticker:RCMT Founded:1971 RCM Technologies Inc. provides broad range of IT and engineering consulting and management services for healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and other industries; it specializes in quality assurance part 11, and validation and qualification. Company Executives: Leon Kopyt, CEO and President; Stanton Remer, EVP, CFO, Treasurer & Secretary

Axiom Resource Management Inc.

Falls Church, VA (703) 998-0327 http://www.axiom-rm.comRevenue:$19,110,575 (06) $15,711,238 (05) $14,683,399 (04) HIT Revenue:29% Employees:500 Market:Private Founded:1996 Axiom is a professional consulting firm providing program management, operational support, accessibility, management training, and IT solutions. It delivers studies and analysis, marketing, distance learning, and Web support. Company Executives: Ben Hankins, Doug Peardon, Kevin Riley, Partners

The CSC Group UP & COMERS, PAGE 88

Brecksville, OH (440) 546-4272 http://www.thecscgroup.comRevenue:$18,170,000 (06) $16,300,000 (05) $13,360,000 (04) HIT Revenue:74% Employees:220 Market:Private Founded:1964 CSC focuses on automating healthcare business offices through revenue cycle and accounts receivable management solutions for hospitals and physicians, while improving women's healthcare via interpretive MFM ultrasound products featuring 3D/4D rendering. Company Executives: William Zimmerman, Chairman and CEO; Robert Zimmerman, President and COO

Medseek Inc.

Solvang, CA (805) 694 -3100 http://www.medseek.comRevenue:$17,800,000 (06) $9,000,000 (05) $7,300,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:132 Market:Private Founded:1996 Medseek Inc. provides healthcare organizations with online portal management technology and clinical data integration capabilities for more efficient data-sharing, communication and interaction among employees, community, caregivers and patients. Company Executives: Mike Drake, CEO; Peter Kuhn, President

Vitalize Consulting Solutions Inc.

Kennett Square, PA (610) 444-1233 http://www.getvitalized.comRevenue:$17,115,942 (06) $10,300,000 (05) $5,394,955 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:130 Market:Private Founded:2002 VCS provides a wide variety of clinical, business and IT solutions for healthcare enterprises. The company's programs and services include system implementation, optimization, project management, custom reporting, system integration, technology solutions, education and knowledge transfer in the Siemens, Cerner, Epic and Eclipsys solutions. Company Executives: Mary Pat Fralick, Principal; Danny Arnold, Principal; John Smaling, Principal

Streamline Health

Cincinnati, OH (513) 794-7100 http://www.streamlinehealth.netRevenue:$15,900,000 (06) $16,100,000 (05) $12,800,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:105 Market:Nasdaq Ticker:STRM Founded:1989 Streamline Health offers leading enterprise workflow and document management solutions to optimize processes across the revenue cycle, integrating all clinical and financial documents of health information management. Company Executives: J. Brian Patsy, President and CEO; Bill Geers, COO

MedInitiatives Inc.

Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 861-7770 http://www.medinitiatives.comRevenue:$15,691,586 (06) $8,159,796 (05) $5,570,709 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:71 Market:Private Founded:2000 MedInitiatives Inc. integrates and analyzes data, allowing healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate trends and performance, identify fraud, abuse and inappropriate utilization, and manage patient intervention programs to improve therapies. Company Executives: Matthew Simas, Chairman and CEO; William Nygard, CTO

ZirMed Inc.

Louisville, KY (502) 779-4302 http://www.zirmed.comRevenue:$15,571,144 (06) $10,841,545 (05) $8,478,857 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:125 Market:Private Founded:1999 ZirMed provides a Web-based suite of revenue cycle managment solutions to healthcare providers designed to reduce administrative costs and increase cash flow. Its solutions encompass HIPAA transactions and finacial transactions in a non-invasive manner interfacing with legacy information management systems. Company Executives: Jerald Merritt, President and CEO; James Lacy, CFO and Corporate Counsel

Hyland Software Inc.

Westlake, OH (440) 788-5000 http://www.onbase.comRevenue:$15,553,843 (06) $11,822,825 (05) $10,262,201 (04) HIT Revenue:22% Employees:620 Market:Private Founded:1991 Hyland Software Inc.'s OnBase Healthcare Solutions enable organizations to run more efficiently by managing content and streamlining workflows across the enterprise with point solutions for revenue cycle management, medical records and back office operations. Company Executives: A.J. Hyland, President and CEO; Bill Priemer, COO

Healthia Consulting UP & COMERS, PAGE 88

Minneapolis, MN (763) 923-7900 http://www.healthiaconsulting.comRevenue:$14,900,000 (06) $10,800,000 (05) $7,900,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:100 Market:Private Founded:1998 Healthia Consulting Inc. is a national healthcare consulting firm that offers management advisory and solution delivery services for healthcare providers, payers and life sciences organizations. Company Executives: Glenn Galloway, Co-Founder; Jim Zerwas, Co-Founder

Aspyra, Inc.

Calabasas, CA (818) 880-6700 http://www.aspyra.comRevenue:$13,000,000* (06) $12,800,000 (05) $7,655,972 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:105 Market:AMEX Ticker:APY Founded:1978 Aspyra is a global provider of clinical and diagnostic information solutions specializing in enterprise-wide systems for hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, imaging departments and orthopedic centers. *Note: 2006 numbers are an estimate Company Executives: Steven Besbeck; James (Skip) Helms

Emergin Inc.

Boca Raton, FL (561) 361-6990 http://www.emergin.comRevenue:$12,600,000 (06) $7,500,000 (05) $5,500,000 (04) HIT Revenue:75% Employees:85 Market:Private Founded:1995 Emergin Inc. is a provider of clinical alarm and event management solutions for the healthcare enterprise. Emergin helps organizations build a cohesive, shared I.T. architecture for best-in-class systems that drives interoperability and unified communications. Company Executives: Michael McNeal, President and CEO; Rob Flippo, VP of Operations

Fastrack Healthcare Systems Inc.

Plainview, NY (800) 520-2325 http://www.onlyfastrack.comRevenue:$12,451,022 (06) $10,150,070 (05) $8,290,320 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:46 Market:Private Founded:1994 Fastrack provides an integrated system addressing the financial and clinical needs of home care agencies, HME providers & infusion pharmacies with an ASP on-demand model and license model. Company Executives: Spencer Kay, President

Amcom Software

Edina, MN (952) 946-7720 Revenue:$12,000,000 (06) $10,000,000 (05) $8,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:82 Market:Private Founded:1983 Amcom provides the technology infrastructure and software applications to support mission-critical communications. Information-dependant organizations including hospitals, government agencies, education institutions and large businesses depend upon Amcom systems to automate communication center functions and support mobile users. Company Executives: Chris Heim, CEO; Dan Mayleben, CFO

Unibased Systems Architecture Inc.

Chesterfield, MO (800) 489-6069 http://www.unibased.comRevenue:$12,000,000 (06) $8,000,000 (05) $6,000,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:40 Market:Private Founded:1986 USA offers an integrated enterprise registration and scheduling system for all hospital and clinical departments, both inpatient and outpatient. USA is a solution firm in the markets of enterprise scheduling and surgery management systems. Company Executives: Lawrence Covington, COO; Barry Rundquist, CEO and VP of Marketing

Hayes Management Consulting

Newton, MA (617) 559-0404 http://www.hayesmanagement.comRevenue:$11,900,000 (06) $10,178,000 (05) $8,222,000 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:70 Market:Private Founded:1993 Hayes Management Consulting provides professional consulting services and products to healthcare providers. It has extensive experience in the areas of practice management, healthcare operations, business and clinical processes, information systems and project management. Company Executives: Paul Hayes, Chairman; Peter Butler, President

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (201) 227-0088 http://www.gebbs.comRevenue:$11,026,111 (06) $10,654,538 (05) $9,315,526 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:480 Market:Private Founded:1997 GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is a U.S.-based firm with multiple offshore delivery centers in India. It focuses on providing business process outsourcing and information technology solutions to healthcare providers. Company Executives: Vijay Singh, Chairman; Nitin Thakor, President

MediNotes Corp.

West Des Moines, IA (515) 327-8850 http://www.medinotes.comRevenue:$10,524,188 (06) $10,381,685 (05) $8,174,044 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:98 Market:Private Founded:1996 Developed in the Midwest and installed in over 4,000 practices nationwide, MediNotes e EMR gives physicians the ability to individualize their clinical records Company Executives: Donald Schoen, CEO and President; Davin Hills, Sr. VP

Indicative Software

Fort Collins, CO (970) 530-0790 http://www.indicative.comRevenue:$10,000,000 (06) $5,000,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:20% Employees:55 Market:Private Founded:2003 Indicative Software provides a type of enterprise management software that manages massive IT environments for optimal delivery of services, including PACS, HIS/RIS and EMR. Company Executives: Lacy Edwards, CEO; Joe Broderick, Executive VP

Medical Present Value Inc. (MPV)

Austin, TX (866) 930 -1230 http://www.mpv.comRevenue:$9,200,000 (06) $5,201,047 (05) $2,125,072 (04) HIT Revenue:100% Employees:80 Market:Private Founded:1999 Founded:1999 MPV delivers payer compliance tools and services to help physician groups identify and recover underpayments, negotiate better-performing contracts, improve workflow efficiency and maximize practice revenue. Company Executives: Tom Stampiglia, CEO; Craig Halley, CTO

Benchmark Systems

Lynchburg, VA (800) 779-0902 http://www.benchmark-systems.comRevenue:$8,400,000 (06) $9,350,000 (05) $N/A (04) HIT Revenue:85% Employees:110 Market:Private Founded:1978 Since 1978, Benchmark Systems has developed products for practice management, EMR/EHR and document management. Its EDI Clearinghouse is a provider of electronic claims and patient statement services. Company Executives: Roger Green, President and CEO; Barry Brooks, COO

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