Contexture HIEs in Arizona, Colorado to Unify on Health Catalyst Platform

April 7, 2023
‘Transitioning to a single, unified technology platform across our HIE markets will enhance our ability to provide improved, cohesive, actionable and readily accessible data,’ said Melissa Kotrys, CEO of Contexture

Contexture, the nonprofit organization that was formed in 2021 by the merger of health information exchanges in Arizona and Colorado, said it will transition to a unified technology platform powered by data and analytics vendor Health Catalyst.

The transition will begin in 2023 and will be complete in 2025, the organization said. Health Catalyst currently provides services for Contexture in Colorado.

Contexture HIE provides health data exchange for thousands of healthcare organizations serving approximately 28 million patients across the region. The organization said the integration to a single technology platform for Arizona and Colorado would equip participants with improved system performance and enhanced functionality to support them in promoting patient health. By enabling a streamlined regional HIE connection, Contexture will also better support government agencies and national participants through multi-state reporting and analytics.

“Transitioning to a single, unified technology platform across our HIE markets will enhance our ability to provide improved, cohesive, actionable and readily accessible data in a platform that is adaptable to the ever-evolving health information technology landscape,” said Melissa Kotrys, CEO of Contexture, in a statement. “This move ensures our participants will have the information they need to make critical decisions that improve the quality and outcomes of care.”

Contexture spent a year evaluating HIE technology vendors and signifies an expansion of the longstanding partnership between the two organizations and their shared commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. As Contexture’s current HIE platform partner in Colorado, Health Catalyst has a deep understanding of Contexture’s operating environment, technology and security responsibilities.

On its website, Health Catalyst describes itself as a “provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations committed to being the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement. Its customers leverage the cloud-based data platform—powered by data from more than 100 million patient records and encompassing trillions of facts—as well as its analytics software and professional services expertise to make data-informed decisions and realize measurable clinical, financial, and operational improvements.”

Contexture described the benefits of a unified HIE platform as including:

  • Improved data exchange capabilities: The platform will provide greater electronic health record (EHR) interoperability and data management. Additionally, faster, more reliable data exchange between healthcare providers will make it easier to access patient information and coordinate care.
  • Enhanced security and protection: Contexture takes seriously its commitment to protecting the security and privacy of patient information and the new platform will offer even stronger safeguards against unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Greater flexibility: The new platform will provide improved system performance, allowing for more flexibility and scalability so Contexture can adapt to changing healthcare needs and technologies.
  • Enhanced user-experience: Concurrent with the platform transition, all Contexture HIE participants will move to an upgraded HIE portal in 2025. The portal will deliver a simplified user experience, especially in patient and clinical searches, and patient matching.

“This transition is a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare through technology and innovation,” added Kotrys. “We believe that it will help to improve the quality of care for patients in our region, while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs for the healthcare system. We are excited and optimistic about the road ahead and appreciate the dedication and collaboration of our incredible participants and partners in Arizona and Colorado.”

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