Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Bills Introduced to Create Michigan Health Data Utility

Nov. 21, 2023
Legislators say implementing an HDU could modernize Michigan’s public health data collection and ensure nearly instant and secure medical record sharing with healthcare providers...
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

HIEs Carving Out a Role in Community Information Exchange Space

Aug. 24, 2021
California HIE partners with NinePatch to enable the closed-loop referral process across medical, behavioral and social health domains
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HIEs Seeing More Reasons for States to Treat Them as Utilities

Aug. 18, 2021
All-star panel at SHIEC conference describes the increasing value of HIE infrastructure to state policy, public health goals
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

SHIEC, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement to Merge

Aug. 16, 2021
New Civitas Networks for Health to serve as a platform for local nonprofit health collaboratives and health information exchanges to work together to advance policy goals
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Trends in HIE Partnerships, Public Health to Highlight SHIEC Conference

Aug. 10, 2021
Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative’s Lisa Bari says TEFCA, social determinant data, and patient data access will also be hot topics
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Utah, Western Colorado HIEs Tighten Integration

June 24, 2021
Real-time updates now delivered to providers’ EHRs across state lines