May/June 2017

Health Information Exchange
Population Health Management

Up-and-Comers 2017: Audacious Inquiry’s Bold Goals for Health Information Exchange

Feb. 1, 2018
Maryland’s Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) is widely considered one of the most successful statewide HIEs in the U.S. Perhaps less well known is...
Population Health Management

Most Interesting Vendors 2017: Optum

Jan. 29, 2018
In a healthcare environment that’s becoming more about demonstrating quality and embarking on accountable care, Optum is setting the pace for how to get better insights into data...
Epic Campus
Interoperability & HIE

Most Interesting Vendors 2017: What’s Behind the Epic Juggernaut?

Jan. 5, 2018
As the EHR vendor market continues to consolidate and mature, will interoperability and data exchange improve—or stall out? Industry leaders ponder whether Epic’s size and extraordinary...
Exterior With Cancer Center 300dpi

At One North Carolina Health System, Transforming the IT Infrastructure to Meet Future Needs

Oct. 5, 2017
For Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s executive leaders, modernizing the IT infrastructure was an imperative to support new technologies and applications. The adoption of a...
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Health IT Market

Moving to the Cloud to Enable Collaborative Data-Sharing

June 15, 2017
At the Flemington, N.J.-based Hunterdon Healthcare, executive leaders have moved forward to modernize the organization’s vast application portfolio, with a specific focus on upgrading...

More content from May/June 2017

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Population Health Management

Caradigm Carves Out a Niche in Rapidly Developing Sector

June 13, 2017
For our market scan on the population health market in the May issue, Healthcare Informatics profiles Caradigm, a company providing data analytics solutions with an eye towards...
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Population Health Management

Utilizing the Cloud to Power Analytics and Personalized Medicine in Colorado

June 7, 2017
Health Data Compass, an analytics initiative supported by four major healthcare provider organizations in the Denver area, is leveraging cloud-based data management to integrate...
Imaging Informatics
Policy & Value-Based Care

The World of Imaging: A Changing Landscape for Radiologists—and for Everyone

June 6, 2017
In this Healthcare Informatics Special Report as part of the May/June issue, experts dive into the latest challenges and opportunities in the world of imaging informatics.
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Leadership & Professional Development

Editor's Notes: Is Our Understanding of Business Success Overly Simple?

June 2, 2017
It’s terrific to be able to turn to experts like Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D., a Princeton University professor of psychology and public affairs, to help us reflect on the complexity...
Healthcare Informatics 100 Use This
Finance/Revenue Cycle

BREAKING: The Healthcare Informatics 100: Our Annual Ranking of Healthcare IT Vendors by Revenue

The editors of Healthcare Informatics are once again proud to present the newest edition of our unique industry offering: the Healthcare Informatics 100 (THE 100), a compilation...
Policy & Value-Based Care

Up-and-Comers 2017: SA Ignite’s Laser Focus on Regulatory Optimization

May 30, 2017
Tom Lee, Ph.D. has built a solid company around creating software nicknamed the “TurboTax for Meaningful Use,” because it makes regulatory compliance easier for health systems...
Behavioral Health
Care Management

Up-and-Comers 2017: Quartet’s Venture into Behavioral Health

May 26, 2017
Quartet’s CEO and chairman found early on that they shared a passion for solving some of the healthcare sector’s challenges involving behavioral health.
Google Glass
Clinical IT

Up-and-Comers 2017: Augmedix: Freeing Up MDs from Charting

May 26, 2017
Augmedix says its service frees doctors from charting, allowing them to focus on patient needs. The number of health systems partnering with the company continues to grow.
Ehr Data
Clinical IT

Up-and-Comers 2017: PeraHealth and its Rothman Index Tackle EHR Data

May 25, 2017
Leaders at PeraHealth initially set out to create a health “score” that could synthesize EHR data into meaningful, actionable information for care providers.
Health IT Market

Up-and-Comers 2017: PatientPing: Bridging Silos between Unaffiliated Providers

May 24, 2017
In September 2013 Jay Desai co-founded Boston-based PatientPing, which offers providers real-time clinical event notifications. PatientPing’s technology bridges the silos between...
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Population Health Management

What Does Patient-Centered Radiology Look Like? Several U.S. Health Systems Are Leading the Way

Jan. 5, 2017
In the ongoing transition from fee-for-service to value-based care delivery and payment models, there is an imperative to focus more on the patient, and that holds true for radiology...