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  • September/October 2017
  • September/October 2017

    Population Health Management

    Value-Based Healthcare and IT: HIT Leaders Work Out New Strategies

    March 26, 2018
    When it comes to the plunge into value-based healthcare of all kinds, the leaders of patient care organizations are only beginning to fully realize how complex the strategic IT...
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    Population Health Management

    “One Foot in the Boat, One Foot on the Dock”: Providers and Payers Forge a New Social Contract into Value-Based Healthcare

    Jan. 29, 2018
    The leaders of medical groups, hospitals and health systems are finding willing partners—and tons of practical challenges—as they move forward with the federal government and ...
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    Policy & Value-Based Care

    Leveraging IT to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

    Oct. 5, 2017
    Practice leaders are increasingly automating and streamlining RCM processes and seeing marked improvements to the bottom line due to decreases in denial rejections and optimized...
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    Policy & Value-Based Care

    Developing a Robust RCM Strategy in an Evolving Payment Landscape

    Oct. 4, 2017
    Priorities are shifting these days as healthcare CFOs are under immense pressure to optimize revenue cycle performance. Healthcare finance thought leaders share their perspectives...
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    Leadership & Professional Development

    Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty

    Oct. 2, 2017
    It’s a disservice to a client to form an early opinion about a candidate just because of the way they think and process information.

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    Policy & Value-Based Care

    Editor’s Notes: Exploring New Worlds—In Space and in U.S. Healthcare

    Sept. 29, 2017
    Facilitating a shift in the U.S. healthcare delivery system from volume to value may be different from expanding the boundaries of space exploration; at the same time, there are...
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    Policy & Value-Based Care

    How Natural Language Processing is Helping to Revitalize Physician Documentation

    Sept. 25, 2017
    In our September/October cover story, experts discuss how leading healthcare organizations are finding ways to preserve the patient narrative in the note for all care team members...
    Policy & Value-Based Care

    The “Point-Counterpoint” to End All Point-Counterpoints in the Healthcare IT Policy World?

    Sept. 13, 2017
    The New England Journal of Medicine hosts contrasting op-ed articles written by, on the one hand, the four most recent National Coordinators, and on the other, two outspoken industry...