Risk-Based Contracting

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Risk-Based Contracting

With Revenue Up 75 Percent, Agilon Sells Hawaii Subsidiary

Nov. 17, 2023
CEO Steve Sell says sale of MDX Hawaii enables Agilon to focus on its full-risk partnership model in core partner markets
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Risk-Based Contracting

Finding the Upside in Downside Risk

May 28, 2019
The leaders of pioneering patient care organizations are diving full-bore into downside risk-based contracting and making it work—through a combination of key strategies, and ...
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Risk-Based Contracting

AMGA Risk Survey: Providers Moving Away From Fee-for-Service, but Obstacles Remain

May 21, 2019
The fourth annual survey on risk-based revenue sources revealed that fee-for-service payments have declined since 2015 for AMGA members
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Policy & Value-Based Care

Payers, Providers Agree: The Shift to Value will Require Transformative Change

April 29, 2019
At the World Health Care Congress, healthcare thought leaders from across the industry engaged in high-level discussions on moving toward value-based care, new Medicare payment...
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Alternative Payment Models

CMS’ Verma: New Value-Based Care Models are Coming—and Some Will Be Mandatory

April 25, 2019
At the NAACOS-sponsored event, Verma discussed ACO progress, new value-based care models that are being developed, and why some mandatory models might be necessary
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Policy & Value-Based Care

A Health Plan Leader Offers Perspective on Value-Based Reimbursement Progress

April 24, 2019
A senior executive from Independent Health discusses a recent survey that examined the internal and external barriers that are hindering payers’ adoption of value-based programs...