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  • January/February 2023

    RSNA 2022
    RSNA 2022

    Farewell to RSNA 2022: Did We All Have an “Intelligent” Time?

    Jan. 17, 2023
    The RSNA Annual Meeting continues to evolve forward and morph from one kind of conference into another—but it’s clear that reimbursement pressures and technology will continue...
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    Risk-Based Contracting

    Going Into 2023, Leaders Look At Risk-Based Contracting and See Peril and Promise

    Jan. 17, 2023
    After surviving the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, patient care organization leaders look at the journey ahead into value-based and especially risk-based, contracting, with its...
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    Policy & Value-Based Care

    Change, Opportunities, and Threats: Our State of the Industry Survey

    Jan. 17, 2023
    The January-February cover story of Healthcare Innovation offers readers a glimpse of the current landscape around value-based contracting, the leveraging of analytics to support...
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    Clinical IT

    Music, Revolution, and Revelation

    Jan. 17, 2023
    Editor's Notes from the January/February issue: What happened on the evening of May 29, 1913? A new look at the most scandalous evening in the history of classical music
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    Alternative Payment Models

    The 3 Key Tasks of California’s New Office of Health Care Affordability

    Dec. 1, 2022
    OHCA will assess cost drivers, set total healthcare cost targets, and assess market consolidation

    More content from January/February 2023

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    At RSNA22, Healthcare Leaders Look at the Future of Medicare—and of Radiology

    Dec. 1, 2022
    At RSNA22, healthcare industry leaders examined the potential future of Medicare reimbursement and value-based incentives, and where radiology and radiologist might fit into the...
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    Alternative Payment Models

    What Is the New CMMI Strategy for Specialist-Focused APMs?

    Nov. 11, 2022
    Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation’s Sarah Fogler, Ph.D., M.A., says one prong of the strategy is supporting specialists to further embed in primary care-focused models...
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    Internet of Things (IoT)

    At the California Healthcare Innovation Conference, a Sobering Discussion Around Cyber Threats

    Nov. 2, 2022
    Industry experts shared their perspectives on the current moment in cybersecurity in healthcare, in a sobering discussion at the Healthcare Innovation California Summit on Wednesday...