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Finance/Revenue Cycle

With Expanded Affiliation, Lifespan to be Renamed Brown University Health

June 20, 2024
An investment from Brown of $150 million over seven years will be devoted to strengthening Lifespan’s financial capacity to sustain and advance the shared academic mission of ...


Virtual Spotlight Series

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CMS to Stop Program that Addressed Medicare Funding Following Cyberattack

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HHS to Invest $50M in Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare sector is most at risk for a cyberattack

Special Feature: Behavioral Healthcare

Special Feature: Behavioral Healthcare

Jan. 19, 2024
With the United States experiencing a behavioral health crisis, a movement is under way to better integrate behavioral health into primary care with a more team-based approach...

Special Feature: Artificial Intelligence

Nov. 21, 2023
Healthcare Innovation spoke with healthcare industry leaders regarding the latest trends in artificial intelligence in healthcare, especially with regard to generative AI. Find...